7 Smartphone Tricks and Hidden Features You Need to Know

Smartphones are incredibly versatile. Not only do they provide us with an easy way to stay connected to your social circles and the internet, they also come equipped with some lesser-known features that can help make your life easier. Here are the top seven Smartphone tricks and hidden features that you’ll want to start using right away. Though some of these features are available via free apps, many are already on your phone, no download required.

1.Camera Timer

The selfie may still reign supreme, but sometimes you just want a full body shot. Luckily, most Smartphones have included a timer feature so you can put the phone down and strike the perfect pose. Great for solo and group shots.

  1. Level

With improved Smartphone technology, “eyeballing it” is a thing of the past. A level might be one of the handiest Smartphone hidden features. Whether it comes pre-installed on your phone, or as a downloadable app (like iHandy or Bubble Level, both free for iOS and Android, respectively), now you can put up that shelf with confidence using only your phone.

  1. Foreign Language Translator

Whether you have a phone with built-in auto-translate (like the Samsung Galaxy S9) or have to download a free app (like Google Translate) for the feature, quick translation is easier than ever. Whether you’re halfway across the world or visiting a really authentic Chinese restaurant, your phone can translate street signs, menus and even live voice into your native language.

  1. Personal organizer

Use notes, reminders, and calendar planning to stay organized in both your personal and professional lives. You can use your Smartphone’s separate built-in apps, but if you like to keep all your information in the same place, apps like Trello allow you to create simple to-do lists and tasks that keep you on track and can be easily updated to accommodate changes in your schedule. Never miss an appointment or a deadline again.

  1. Multi-Device Syncing

A convenient feature across most Smartphones, syncing your phone to your computer or Tablet is a great way to stay on top of your calendar, e-mail and messages. Connect all your devices for a seamless, personalized experience – no matter what screen you’re looking at. Turn on cloud services or device syncing in Settings.

  1. Document Scanner

On most devices this is as simple as taking clear images of a document and attaching the images to an e-mail, where they’re automatically converted to a PDF. If your Smartphone doesn’t offer this feature, there are also free apps, like the aptly named Scanner, that achieve the same result.

  1. Automatic Weather Alerts

It’s raining and you need to get to a meeting. Should you leave now, or wait 15 minutes for it to stop? With automatic weather updates, you can set alerts to keep you updated on the weather anywhere. This means checking beach weather for an upcoming vacation or seeing when it’s time to haul out the snow shovel for the first time this year. Or simply ask your Smartphone’s digital voice assistant: “Hey, what’s it like outside?”