8 Myths About Prepaid Phone Plans Busted

8 Myths About Prepaid Phone Plans Busted

Prepaid cell phone plans have been around for awhile, but they’ve also totally changed over the past few years. You’ll be surprised to find out that a prepaid plan might be for you.

1. Myth: The phones I can get with a prepaid plan are horrible.

With some carriers this is the case. But if you go with a carrier like U.S. Cellular, you can get the same devices as a monthly plan. That means you could choose from these phones and many others:

  • iPhone
  • Galaxy S Series or Note
  • Samsung Smartphones
  • LG Smartphones

2. Myth: Prepaid phone networks don’t work anywhere.

It all depends on what carrier you choose. Sometimes figuring out what network your device gets coverage on is confusing.

If you get a U.S. Cellular Prepaid Plan, your phone will work anywhere there’s U.S. Cellular coverage.

3. Myth: Prepaid plans don’t have enough minutes, texts, or data for me.

A lot of pay-as-you-go plans make you pay every time you want more minutes or data. U.S. Cellular prepaid plans all include unlimited minutes and texts. If you’re worried about running out of data there’s also an Unlimited Data prepaid plan, so you’ll never have to worry about overages.

4. Myth: Reloading my account with money every month is a hassle.

Some carriers make you remember every month to put more money into your plan. U.S. Cellular offers several AutoFill options to automatically charge your credit/debit card when you want, how much you want.

5. Myth: I have to buy a new prepaid phone, even if I like the one I have.

Like the phone you’ve got? You might be able to keep it if you switch to U.S. Cellular. Their Simple Connect Prepaid Plans work with many wireless phones. You can check with your local store if you’re not sure if it’s compatible.

6. Myth: Prepaid is more expensive. I have to pay full price for a phone.

Yes, you do have to pay full price for your phone. But you can easily find prepaid phone deals to get the most bang for your budget. Also keep in mind that monthly Prepaid plan costs are typically much lower than comparable traditional plans, leaving you plenty of savings to spend on your phone costs.

7. Myth: Prepaid cell phone companies have bad customer service.

U.S. Cellular doesn’t differentiate between prepaid and monthly plan customers – you’re their customer. That means you get the same great customer support no matter what.

8. Myth: I can’t keep my number if I switch to a prepaid plan

It depends on your carrier, but at U.S. Cellular you can bring your cell phone number or landline number to a U.S. Cellular Prepaid Phone with no hassle.

Prepaid phones might not be for everyone, but more and more people are starting to realize that the prepaid plans of today aren’t the same as they’ve always been. It’s worth comparing to your current service to see if prepaid is right for you.