Battery Life Savers: How to Make Your Charge Last

Many of us rely heavily on our mobile phones and Tablets each day, and as technology continues to change, we will come to depend on them even more. However, if there’s one area which often can’t keep up with our demands, it’s the battery.

Thankfully, you’re in control of how much battery you use, and there are plenty of ways to be more efficient regardless of the style of cell phone or Tablet you use.

1. Do Not Shut Down Apps

One of the biggest myths about saving battery life is closing your apps.

Many people think you can save power by manually closing apps so they don’t run in the background, but this doesn’t help. In fact, most apps which are configured to run in the background will continue to do so even if you think you’ve closed them and the time you spend on your screen while closing dozens of apps is using battery, too.

2. Adjust Your Screen Brightness

Your screen brightness is one of the biggest drains on your battery, and if you can afford to dim the lights a little, the battery savings will go a long way. Using the auto-adjust feature can help, letting your screen react to the conditions and save some battery without you lifting a finger. But if you can, manually reducing the brightness will usually give you the best results.

3.Turn Off Vibration

Having your phone on vibrate is a convenient way to get alerts when you don’t want to disturb others, but it also uses a lot of power. Consider using sound instead when it’s appropriate, and when you won’t be checking your phone anyway, turn on the “do not disturb” mode. Both iPhone and recent versions of Android have this feature, which temporarily turns off all sounds and vibrations regardless of your settings.

4. Charge On-the-Go

It may seem like an obvious solution, but finding ways to charge up throughout the day can really make a difference.

A battery case like the Mophie will give you plenty of extra life without carrying around a cable or external battery. There are also many other portable chargers that will give you several full charges, which is especially useful while travelling and spending a lot of time outdoors. And if you own a vehicle, make sure you power up on your daily commute with a car charger.

5. Turn Off Unused Services

Your settings may look different depending on your device, but most phones and Tablets will waste battery life on some of the same features and services.

If you don’t use Bluetooth, even for a certain part of your day, try turning it off; you’ll stop wasting battery searching for other devices. The same goes for GPS and location services: if you’re not using it, it’s wasting power.

Unfortunately, those fancy moving backgrounds which have become popular on Android and iOS are draining your battery, too. Turn off the “dynamic” or “animated” background to save a little more energy.