How to Buy a New or Upgraded Phone for Less

When deciding on a new phone, it can be tough to balance what you want with what you can afford. You may want more storage, faster processing and a bigger screen, but don’t have the budget for a device with all of those features.

You could choose just one feature that’s most important to you and compromise on the rest although here are some smart options to consider.

Certified Pre-Owned Phones

If price is the only thing keeping you from the phone you want, you can save money and get the same features and quality by buying used.

Certified Pre-Owned phones go through rigorous testing and repair for both cosmetics and function, including a 60-point inspection that is done twice. These devices also come loaded with the latest software updates and original manufacturer’s settings.

Pre-owned phones can cost much less than a brand-new phone of the same model and still come with a guarantee. Typically, you’ll have 15 days to return the phone if you don’t like it, along with a 90-day limited warranty.

If you want even more peace of mind, at U.S. Cellular, these devices are still eligible for Device Protection+, just like a brand new phone, which covers accidental damage, theft, loss and hardware issues.

Phones For A Penny

Look for special deals at some providers like U.S. Cellular, which offer pre-owned phones that cost as little as a penny on a two-year contract.

These options will depend on availability, but could mean paying almost nothing for your next phone if you’re ready for a new contract, making this a great option for a budget-conscious user.

Phone Trade-In Programs

When you upgrade to a new phone, your old phone can still have value and that could mean putting that adding that sum to your phone budget.

Bring your old phone into your local cell phone provider location and they will tell you its trade-in value, which could get you up to $300 off your next purchase. You can also trade in a Tablet or even a phone from another carrier, at providers like U.S. Cellular.

Check to see if your provider lets you trade in your device from home by completing the process online – just print off a prepaid shipping label to mail in your old phone and soon you’ll receive a credit toward a new one.