Upgrade Your Phone with Add-Ons: Games, Streaming Phone to TV and More

These days, all you need to plan a family game night or host a get-together with friends is a Smartphone. With the newest tech innovations and phone add-ons, there’s way more to do with a phone than just stare at a tiny screen. Whether you’re having a fun-filled evening inside gaming or a day out exploring an augmented reality world with the kids, your phone can keep everyone active, involved and entertained. Here are all the latest ways to have fun on your phone.

Stream from Your Phone to Your TV

For lots of us, “entertainment” means watching (or, sometimes, binge-watching). And many of us also want to seamlessly switch our movie and television viewing from our phone screens to our TV screens. If you have a subscription to a video streaming service, it’s easy to hook up your phone to play movies on your TV. Depending on your device, you may be able to use its screen mirroring feature. Or, try an adapter cable.

Augment Your Reality

Augmented reality apps like Pokémon Go changed the game for family entertainment. The app allows you to use your phone to see and catch Pokémon in the real world, so you have to get up and get out to catch ‘em all. Pokémon Go might be the best known AR app, but there are a ton of other fun ones out there that don’t require any hardware or phone add-ons. Try Spectrec, where you hunt and capture ghosts to channel your inner Ghostbuster, or Quiver, an app that brings your child’s coloring book to life.

Level up with VR Gaming

If augmented reality isn’t immersive enough for you, it may be time to get your feet wet with virtual reality. The newest VR headsets, like the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View, are compatible with Android Smartphones and allow you to experience games and apps in 360 degrees. And VR gaming is only going to get more popular as a fast-growing phone add-on, so the next hot game or device for kids of all ages may well require a headset.

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