Holiday Tech Travel Tips for Easy Navigation

“Are we there yet?” If you’re gearing up to travel with the family for the holidays, you can bet that you’re going to hear that refrain over and over again. While there isn’t an app for that, there is technology that can help you with a host of other things to streamline your travel and keep stress to a minimum.

Road warrior. If you’re taking a road trip, of course you’ll want to make sure to have your car serviced before hitting the road. Continue your diligence with Delphi Vehicle Monitoring, a system that continually monitors your car for any issues that may arise. Accessible from your Smartphone (or desktop), you can keep a close eye on your vehicle no matter where the road takes you. You can also map out a trip or track your car with its GPS capabilities. Locked your keys in the car? Use your phone to lock and unlock your car utilizing key fob technology.

Pack to perfection. Featured in The L.A. Times, Lifehacker and the Washington Post, among others, PackPoint is a free travel packing wizard that helps you pack smarter with a checklist of travel essentials customized to your trip. Simply create a trip profile with your destination, length of stay and the purpose of your trip. PackPoint will then create a packing and luggage checklist that takes into account the type and amount of clothing to pack based on the weather forecast and other factors.

Power to the people. Each family member travels with at least one device these days; the kids use their Tablets to stay entertained, parents have their Smartphones and may also bring along a laptop or two. How can you make sure all these devices stay powered up? The mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo does the trick. With super high-output charging speeds this device can charge two USB devices simultaneously—plus it provides up to four complete battery charges for most Smartphones.

Plan for pit stops. If you anticipating having many requests for bathroom stops, think about getting the sitorsquat app by Charmin. It will be your best friend— especially if you’re off the beaten path and far from clearly-marked rest stops. It not only makes clean public restrooms easy to find, you can search, view, rate, add bathrooms and share your experience to help fellow travelers.

You can’t plan for everything the road may throw at you, but with the help of technology you can get pretty close.