Make Holiday Memories that Last a Lifetime with Technology

Capturing memories, especially during the holidays, is something that we all love to do, and Smartphones make it easy for us to snap away. Because it is so simple, we often take our photos for granted.

What do you do once you’ve taken those photos? Often they’ll just sit on your phone until you’re running out of storage and suddenly have to delete them. Get a jump start on recording and holding onto your special holiday moments with these helpful apps.

Protect your photos. Private Photo Vault, a free app for iOS and Android helps you protect and preserve your treasured memories. Tired of people snooping through photos and videos when you hand them your phone? Kids accidentally deleting some of your favorite shots? Private Photo Vault allows you to import photos into the app and hide them behind a PIN or Pattern lock so nobody but you can access them. It’s easy to import photos from your camera roll into the app, but you also have the option to take photos directly into the app.

Back ’em up. Google photos is a powerful app that can backup photos from your Smartphone and more. You can backup unlimited photos and videos for free, up to 16 megapixels and 1080p HD and access them from any device or your desktop. The intuitive app makes it easy to find your photos. The visual search makes your pics searchable by people, places and things in them – no tagging required. Plus, you can easily edit photos with a simple tap and create albums and collages to relive your memories at any time.

Print and share and preserve. Don’t just leave your photos on your phone or computer. Hold onto what matters by turning your memories into printed pieces that will live on forever. Chatbooks is an easy-to-use app that turns your photos into adorable 6×6” books. Make a custom photo book in just a few minutes, directly from your phone. You can include anywhere from 30 to 366 photos, and pull them from your phone, Instagram, Facebook, or computer. You can choose to connect a photo source to your account and as new photos are added, the app will automatically create a new book for you. Each time you get close to 60 new photos, you’ll get a notification and can go ahead and edit to your heart’s content: exclude photos, edit captions, and move things around.

Make the most of your holiday memories this season by taking measures now to secure and preserve them. Great technology is out there to help you protect your photos and videos for a lifetime of memories. Get to downloading or uploading now. The next time you snap a photo, you’ll be glad you did.