Money and Time Saving Apps for Holiday Shopping

Finding and buying the perfect presents for friends and family can be exhausting. A better way to shop can be as close as your pocket or purse. Read on for our list of the best Smartphone tips and money saving apps for shopping, all available for iOS and Android, that will relieve your shopping stress.

Make A Shopping List

It’s a good idea to enter your shopping list on your Smartphone’s built-in note app for safekeeping. When you’re out and about, you can use your phone’s built-in voice command feature or memo app to record gift ideas or reminders.

You can also snap photos to create a visual list. Don’t forget to photograph tags and labels containing barcodes, exact product names and style numbers. If you want to look a product up online or comparison shop later, having a photo of the tag is a lifesaver.

Share Your Own Wish List

These apps for your shopping list take your holiday gifting to the next level.


You don’t have to be getting married to start a registry. Use this free web and mobile gift registry to create a list of the presents you really want this season. Share it with friends and family and see their lists, too.

The Hunt

If you see something that you just have to have (or you know someone on your shopping list would love), but don’t know where to get it — there’s an app for that. The Hunt features a community of shopping sleuths that help you track down a coveted item based on a photo.

Get the Best Deals

Compare prices, stay informed about the best deals and earn exclusive rewards while shopping.


Scan a barcode for ShopAdvisor to put it on your “watch list” and get an alert when it goes on sale. This app also finds the best deal at a nearby location and lets you know what’s in stock nearby.


Never forget a coupon again; this coupon-clipping app scans and saves coupons to your phone. You can take all the coupons you need wherever you go. Plus, you can find new deals through the app.


This app lets you earn rewards when you shop, which you can later redeem for gift cards. Scan barcodes and purchase items in store or on mobile to earn points — then kick back and let the app do its magic.

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