Online Security Boxes For Your Important Files

How many times have you found yourself frantically rummaging through drawers for important documents or rustling through bottomless boxes of old photographs? Leaving sensitive information to pile up, including financial statements, birth certificates, photographs and more, seems to be a bad habit for many of us. The evolution of the smartphone has streamlined modern life and made staying organized easier than ever. There is a whole library of helpful smart deposit apps to help you keep track of all your private files. Whether you are a serial hoarder buried in old bills and bank statements or just very forgetful, these clever apps have got you covered.

Dropbox is a popular and easy to navigate online safe deposit box. Commonly used to send and store photos, Dropbox is an ideal service for both work and personal information that need safekeeping. Files and images that you upload onto this app are safely and securely backed up and can be organized into customized folders so you never have to struggle to find them. A cool aspect of this app is its shareability. Dropbox users can send folders, files and images to anyone they wish, regardless if the recipient has a Dropbox account. This popular app is free with up to 2GB of memory.

SecureSafe is a highly sophisticated and encrypted safe deposit app that is ideal for passwords, credit card information, pin codes, legal and personal documents. It is extremely secure with detailed account setups specific to the user and not designed to be shared with anyone other than that one person. SecureSafe has devoted its services to always be free and allows each account to hold up to 50 passwords or 10MB of memory, making it one of the most popular online safe deposit box apps on the market.

Are you storing all your documents on iPad cloud software? If so, EncGoo is an essential app for you. EncGoo works as a bank safe deposit box, which you only hold the keys for. All your personal documents, photos and videos, when uploaded, are encrypted, which makes them harder for people to hack. Linked with Google and Google Docs, EncGoo saves all the important docs to a database on your iPad which is locked and secured with military strength algorithm. As it is a Google service, EncGoo is free to download and only compatible with iPads.

An ideal app for storing individual personal documents and files is DocWallet. This clever app encrypts all uploaded data, documents and photos to ensure that they all remain confidential and secure against hackers and threats. DocWallet charges a monthly fee of $10.99, which allows the account to be set up on up on three devices, or for an upgraded fee of $21.99, you can download DocWallet onto an unlimited amount of devices.

Personal and important documents multiply as time passes, with the difficulty of keeping these materials organized growing as well. Transferring your records and files onto an electronic database allows you to access them at the touch of a button and carry them around with you via your smartphone at all times. Still searching through old shoe boxes and cupboards full of bank statements? Switching to a smart safe deposit box will help streamline your life?


Cian Laurence, a Brooklyn-based writer hailing from Dublin, has a passion for technology & apps and uses free Wi-Fi whenever it’s available.