Out with the Old, In with the New: How to Get the Most Out of Your Used Devices

Did you know … it is estimated that Americans are hoarding about $34 billion worth of used cellphones. Old devices aren’t just junk, they’re someone else’s treasure, and you can cash in on the old to make room for the new with these easy to use sites and services:

uSell: This site makes it easy to sell used gadgets by bringing top offers from hundreds of professional buyers, so you don’t waste time shopping around. Buyers are screened by uSell and reviewed by users. There are no selling fees, shipping costs or haggling. As long as you send in the correct device in the condition that you quoted, the price you see on uSell is what you’ll get paid. You can also sell your used textbooks, game consoles and gift cards here. Choose PayPal or check, and your buyer will issue payment within 5 business days of receiving your item. You’ll receive email updates every step of the way.

EcoATM: These physical kiosks where you can sell your cell phones, mp3 players and tablets can be found in malls across the country. The EcoATM scans your phone and compares it with a database to make an offer based on the phone’s market value and current condition. If you accept the offer, the machine pays out cash on the spot. You can also decline of course. You will need a valid driver’s license and a thumbprint scan. It takes a picture of you as well, for security measures, and to help guard against theft and fraud.

U.S. Cellular’s Trade-In & Recycling Program: Appraise it. Ship it. Get paid. Yep, it’s that simple. It pays to trade in your used device with U.S. Cellular®, where you can get up to $250 for your old phone or tablet with the Trade-In Program. Spend the cash on whatever you want, or use it toward the cool new phone you’ve been eyeing. Plus, by participating, you’ll be doing something good for the environment—every phone that isn’t refurbished will be recycled.

No matter what option you choose, before you turn in your device, be sure to clear out all your personal data. Not sure how to? Just Google your device for specific instructions.

Then get ready, get set … cash!