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How to Save Your Phone Battery This Summer

You’re on a day trip with your best friends and you’re using your cell phone’s GPS to get to the lake. Once there, you dare your friend to jump into the icy water, but as you whip out your phone to take the perfect video—dead battery.

 Keep your mobile devices charged all summer long with this guide on how to save your phone battery.

Pack a Portable Charger
PureGear Portable Charger

This lightweight portable charger from PureGear fits easily in a purse or a pocket; use this sleek on-the-go product to bring your device back from the dreaded 0%.

Lower Brightness

A backlit display can be a sneaky, battery-draining culprit. Unless you’re out at night and need the backlight to see, try adjusting the brightness level down.

Utilize Your Case
Morphie Juice Pack Air

An all-in-one phone case and charger, the Morphie Juice Pack Air connects to a wireless charger to keep your battery level up.

Turn off Bluetooth

If four people are in a car together, do they all need to be ready to connect to the stereo at a moment’s notice? Bluetooth is a huge battery drain and should be kept off unless in use.

Charge While You Hike
M-Edge Backpack

This M-Edge backpack does more than just hold camping supplies. It also charges your Smartphone and Tablet while you’re out on the trail.

Switch off Push Notifications

This stops your apps from automatically refreshing. You may not know the precise moment your Aunt Janine emailed you a recipe, but your battery will live longer.

Put it in Airplane Mode

Airplane mode suspends all Wi-Fi, texts, calls and Bluetooth features. Use this trick when you value battery life over internet access and communication. Bonus: when you finally do plug back in, leave your device in Airplane Mode for ultra-quick charging.

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