Tablets and Wireless Accessories for Kids

Kids are being introduced to technology at younger and younger ages, especially when it comes to Tablets.

Studies show that families with young kids today are more than twice as likely to own a tablet than they were a few years ago, with 83% of families owning at least one. Most children own a mobile device by age four and the number of kids using Tablets is on the rise.

Whether you child is sharing your Tablet, or has one of his or her own , these five accessories will help to improve the experience for you and your kid.

The Case for Protection

A protective case is a must for any Tablet user at any age. Rugged cases like the Otterbox Defender will protect a Tablet against a variety of harsh conditions and makes it easier to keep clean.

 Quiet Please

Just because your child likes to re-watch the same cartoon or YouTube video over and over again, doesn’t mean you have to listen to the reruns.

Get a pair of headphones that will be safe and fun for a little one while watching videos, playing games or otherwise using a Tablet for entertainment.

 Be Prepared to Charge

Little kids don’t check to see how much battery life they have left, so you have to be prepared with an external battery and additional chargers. Driving somewhere? Grab a car charger to replenish some battery on the drive. Just want some extra battery without having to plug in? Look for an external battery to hold an extra charge or a charging case like the Mophie to give you a backup power source.

Screen Out Damage

With or without a case for your Tablet, a screen protector is a wise investment. Touchscreens can be the most sensitive part of a device, especially to harmful substances or a drop on the floor. Look for a quality screen protector like the Gadget Guard to make sure an accident doesn’t damage your Tablet.

Dealing with Sticky Fingers

Kids can be messy and even with protective gear; your Tablet will need a good cleaning from time to time. Pick up a cleaning kit and make sure to clean the device regularly to extend the life of your Tablet and keep it safe for your kid to use. Look for a kit with a microfiber cloth and safe cleaning solution for the best results.