Teen Gift Ideas: 7 Cool Gadgets They’ll Love

It’s that time of year again. The scent of fresh wrapping paper is in the air. Pine needles are crunching under your feet. Teens are shouting “Yessss!” as they tear open the latest tech gifts on Christmas morning. But with new cool gadgets coming out constantly, it can be tough to know what to pick. Fortunately, we’ve assembled this list of 7 tech gift ideas for teens to help you bring big time holiday cheer.

For the Gaming Guru

Samsung Gear VR

Give your teen gamer a more in-their-face kind of fun with this VR headset from Samsung. Just attach a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, and they can experience the next wave of entertainment up close and personal, enjoying all the latest VR games as well as fresh video content from the NBA, 20th Century Fox and more.

For the Aspiring Emcee

JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Some teens just have a natural talent for getting the party started. For these spirited kids, consider a Bluetooth speaker a must-have. They’re big enough to play at a party, but small enough to slide in a backpack and take anywhere. We like this model, which kicks out the jams at high quality with dual bass radiators, and features a splash proof design to work by the pool and in any weather.

For the Teen Athlete

Garmin vivofit 3

If there’s two things teen athletes love, it’s tracking their stats and sharing things with their friends. The Garmin Vivofit3 combines the two, keeping tabs on fitness data from steps to sleep, organizing it all in a smartphone app, and allowing them to share and compete against others. With this gift, beating their friends is no longer just for on the field.

For the Always Connected

Random Order Portable Power Bank

To teens whose lives revolve around their phones, there’s nothing worse than a dead battery, which is why external battery packs are super popular. This one from Random Order is a great low-cost way to keep your teen charged up and connected wherever they go, no matter how few the power outlets.

For the Incredible Organizer

SenseGiz Find Tracker

Yes, these teens really do exist. And if yours is one, you’ll know there’s nothing more satisfying to them than the feeling of everything being in its place. This Bluetooth tracker tag from SenseGiz is the perfect gift for scratching their itch to organize. It can be stuck or looped onto just about anything, and works with your teen’s smartphone to locate lost items, or sound an alarm when they’re about to leave something behind.

For the Music Maniac

JBL Synchros E40BT

From streaming services to speakers, teenage tunes-lovers are always looking for the latest in music tech. Help yours stay ahead of the curve with these wireless headphones from JBL, which feature ShareMe™ technology that allows simultaneous wireless listening between two people. Better still, they work for 16 hours on a single charge. Plenty of juice to cover sharing tunes at school and at all the activities after.

For the True Techie

Parrot Airborne Night Drone

For the bona-fide gadget lover, this is the gift that will show up Santa. Whether it’s an indoor-friendly flier or a high-end video drone that takes stunning images from the sky, two of your techie teen’s deepest dreams will come true with this gift: they’ll get another great gadget for their collection, and they’ll be the instant envy of all their friends.

For even more cool gadgets and gift ideas, check out the accessories section of our website. From stocking stuffers to jaw-dropping gadget gems, you can get great gifts with free shipping even if U.S. Cellular isn’t your carrier. So what are you still doing here? Let’s get to gifting!