Top Tips for Setting Up Your New Tech Gadgets

The holidays bring with them lots of wonderful gifts and toys. The latest and greatest hi-tech gadgets are yours, and now you have to set them up. Thankfully most technology these days is fairly intuitive and most gadgets are pre-set for your immediate use. Some can be overwhelming or you may just run into glitches you can’t seem to get past.

Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot your way through.

Batteries not included. Take inventory of everything that came with your new gadget and compare it to the user’s manual. Though traditional batteries are not as common with today’s hi-tech toys, you may find that all the pieces you need did not come in the standard package. That could mean batteries, wires (yes even in a mainly wireless world, wires still find a way to torment us) or memory cards. For your gadget to fully function, you may need to purchase add-ons.

False start. You’ve got all the pieces you need. Your gadget is connected, wired up, charged up and ready to go, but you can’t get it to work. If at first you don’t succeed, restart. It could be that a simple reboot of your device is all you need to get it up and running.

Under pressure. It’s Christmas morning, your kids are screaming at you to make their new hi-tech gift work, and it seems there’s not enough eggnog in the world to get you through. If the user’s manual has left you at a loss, fear not. Take to the Internet for troubleshooting tips from experts. Most cell phone service providers offer the ability to chat live or email with a service representative. Here you can get your questions answered on the spot.

Go straight to the source. After restarting, referring to the user’s manual and scouring search engines for assistance, try contacting the manufacturer directly. Many will have online chatting options to help assist you and a toll-free number to call for tech assistance.

Protect your new assets. You’ve got all your new gadgets up and running, now you’ll want to make sure to keep them that way. If it’s a new cell phone or mobile device consider a good, protective case and screen protectors. Another thing that may not have come in-the-box with your new gadget is insurance or protection coverage. Look into device protection plans that go beyond a standard warranty to make sure you are covering yourself from every angle. It may be worth the few extra bucks in the long run.

By taking some simple steps on your own, you may just find you are all the tech support you need to keep your gadgets in tip-top shape to last you for years to come (or at least until the next version comes out).