Understanding Your U.S. Cellular Phone Bill

Understanding Your U.S. Cellular Phone Bill

You get a cell phone bill every month, but you might be wondering what’s behind the “Total Amount Due.”

U.S. Cellular believes you should know exactly what you’re paying for so you’re not surprised by fees and charges you weren’t expecting.

Here’s what each section on your bill means:

Account Summary

The first page is an overview of what’s happening in your account. How much you owe, how much your last payment was, and when your payment is due are all here.

It also includes your account number in the upper right corner, which is something that’s nice to have if you’re calling customer service.

Further down the page, you’ll see the totals for the following types of charges:

Monthly Service Charges
This is the total amount charged for your cell phone service plan and other monthly add-ons, like cell phone insurance or text messaging plans.

Other Charges and Credits
These are usually one-time charges for things like equipment (phones and tablets), activation fees, and account maintenance charges. If you purchase premium content from our store, like games, they are also included in this section.

Application Charges
This section includes the charges for purchasing individual apps from our store, whether they are a one-time purchase or a recurring monthly subscription.

Usage Charges
These are the amounts charged for making calls above and beyond your cell phone plan.

Roaming Charges
This section includes the amounts charged for making calls while you’re traveling outside your service area. Sometimes, these can take one or two months to show up on your bill because of additional processing.

Data Network Usage Charges
These are the amounts charged for using data above and beyond your monthly service plan, and also if you use data while you are roaming outside your service area. They are usually displayed based on per kilobyte or megabyte usage.

Detail Pages

The detail pages (i.e. all pages after the first) contain information further explaining your account summary. You can request detailed billing to see a line-by-line breakdown of your daily calls, data usage, device and app purchases and more.

Still Have Questions About Your Monthly Bill?

If you ever don’t understand what’s going on with your monthly bill – give U.S. Cellular a call. They’ll be happy to explain things to you and walk you through any questions you might have.