Is it Worth it? Spend Smart on the Best Technology

Smartphones are everywhere, but there’s so much more tech out there: Tablets, watches, and all manner of accessories. Keeping up with the latest technology is fun, but it can get expensive. Don’t let the shiny new releases distract you from what you actually need. Will this new product really enhance your lifestyle? And is it worth the cost? Be smart with your technology budget by buying products that work best for you.


Pros: Aside from the usability, Tablets offer quick access to many different activities, even when you’re far from home: reading, playing games, watching movies, taking notes, browsing the Web, keeping the family connected and more.

Cons: If you already bring your laptop with you everywhere, a Tablet may just be an additional screen to lug along. Do you want one more thing to keep track of on family vacations and during conference meetings?

You should get one if: You are always connected and always on the go. If they can fit into your technology budget. Tablets are great for travel, long wait, or just some relaxing reading or Web surfing.

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Smartwatches and other wearables

Pros: Aside from looking futuristic, smartwatches let you do everything from voice command to GPS, all on a screen the size of a watch face. Bonus: pairing it with your Smartphone makes checking your phone easy and discreet.

Cons: If you were never a watch person to begin with, this might be a pricey purchase that gets forgotten in a drawer, along with all the other gadgets you’ve accumulated over the years.

You should get one if: You’re a tech-savvy traditionalist.  The smartwatch is a great way to show off your tech prowess without giving up the practicality of your analog watch.

Check out some of our favorites:

Apple Watch Series 2 in Rose Gold

Apple Watch Series 1 in Gray Aluminum

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Pros: For the kid at heart, drones offer hours of entertainment. Some are even controlled right from your phone, giving you the opportunity to go where humans cannot.

Cons: Some have said drones are an invasion of privacy, so be careful where you fly. Additionally, new drone laws make it illegal to fly in certain places — read up before you spend your technology budget on one.

You should get one if: You love adventure. Drones are a great way to see the world and capture breathtaking footage.

Check a couple of our favorite drones

Parrot Airborne Night Drone

Parrot Mini-Drone Rolling Spider


Pros: This wireless, lightweight technology is extremely convenient: listen to music on the go without worrying about outlets or wires, talk to loved ones hands-free in the car or at home, track your daily run and more. Because of the prevalence of Bluetooth tech, you can easily work many devices into your technology budget.

Cons: If you’re someone who often forgets to charge your phone or loses items easily, a Bluetooth may just be another product to keep track of, likely to be out of juice or misplaced just when you need it most.

You should get one if: You like to stay hands-free and don’t want wires getting in the way. Don’t forget to keep things charged and handy at all times. 

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