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4 surprising ways technology can actually keep kids active

Face it: technology is going to be part of kids’ lives. But if you think it means keeping your kids glued to the couch, think again. You can get the whole family moving in no time with these innovative tips and gadgets from fitness trackers to high-tech toys. Here’s how you can get started on family fitness.

1. Start a Family Fitness Challenge
Record Progress With an Activity Tracker

Consider setting activity goals as a family. Kids love challenges and competition, so why not apply that to fitness? Think about starting a multi-week walking challenge or trying to get everyone up and moving for 30 minutes a day. Record everyone’s progress with a fitness app or activity tracker.

Just make sure your goals are realistic both for parents and kids, so no one gets discouraged too early. And always consult with your children’s pediatrician before beginning any exercise program.

Once you’re all ready to go, it’s time to make it fun — that’s where these next tips come in.

2. Track Your Family’s Progress
Garmin Vivosmart HR Fitness Band

To help get everyone motivated and moving, there are many activity and fitness trackers that’ll record your movement. Think about apps or other methods to record your little ones’ goals and progress in your family fitness challenge. For instance, you can use your smartwatch to time your kids’ activity or how far you walk as a family. Remember that 30 active minutes a day is the recommended amount.

For grown up fitness, check out the Pebble Classic Smartwatch and Garmin Vivosmart HR Fitness Band. (bring last line up here.Keep in mind, though — these devices are optimized for adults, not kids (and especially not younger children).

3. Let Apps Give You a Boost
Geocoaching apps are a great way to explore together

There are tons of family-friendly games and activities based on smartphone apps. Geocaching, where players track geographic coordinates to find hidden “treasure,” is a clever way to get everyone out and exploring together. The official geocaching app is available for iOS and Android.

If you have any budding Pokemon trainers in the family, Pokemon GO (also on iOS and Android) is a great way to get them walking outside. Just make sure to review safety with your kids before turning them loose to catch them all.

4. Play Outside
Parrot Airborne Night Drone

Today’s coolest tech toys aren’t meant to be used on the couch. Older kids will flip for app-controlled outdoor gadgets like the Parrot Airborne Night Drone. And the latest VR headsets, like the LG 360 and Samsung Gear VR, support fun games that incorporate tons of body movement.

Even the occasional backyard dance party can get little ones really excited about moving around. This selection of Bluetooth speakers will generate an instant portable party.

With all the fitness apps, activity trackers, and kid-friendly accessories out there, more and more families are adopting this kind of tech. Check out even more of our fitness trackers.

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