The Best Smartphone Fitness Trackers

Millions of people want to eat healthier, move more and improve their physical fitness. But goals are hard to keep if you can’t incorporate them into your everyday schedule. Luckily, the latest trackers helps you make each day a little healthier – while making your daily routine easier, not more complicated. No matter what your fitness goals are, these smartphone fitness tracker accessories and apps let you keep those goals, set new ones and stay motivated every day without missing a beat.

Track Your Movement
Smartphone-friendly fitness trackers record your steps, workouts, heart rate and sleep – and that’s just the beginning. You can integrate your other apps, set daily reminders and get notifications from your smart watch, all on the way to becoming your healthiest self.

Garmin vivosmart 3
This fitness tracker and smart watch is slim and discreet, so you can throw it on and go about your day. You don’t need to do anything extra – count steps, stairs and workouts, track calories burned and monitor your body all day long with its 24/7 heart rate and stress tracker. Use it with the Garmin Connect app to get the most out of its features.

Samsung Gear Sport
This high-tech smart watch, compatible with most Android devices, gives you a functional, easy way to track your fitness, but it does more than that. You can install your favorite apps, use it to control your other smart devices or even respond to calls and texts. But it still allows for easy calorie entry and fitness logging, so it’s perfect for covering your fitness basics while making your life a little more convenient at the same time.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro
This swim-ready smart watch is waterproof and submersible, so you can log that lap pool workout or enjoy a day out in the elements. Like the Gear Sport, it’s highly customizable and able to pair with most Android devices;

Tune Up
These top-of-the-line headphones look and sound great, and can handle a little sweat. Use them to soundtrack your best workout ever – or just get you through the day.

Samsung IconX wireless headphones
These sport headphones are wireless, so you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up. They’re compatible with fitness trackers, designed to fit most ears and have a long lasting battery.

JLab Epic 2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds
These award-winning sport earbuds are waterproof, have aa 12 hour battery life and upgraded Bluetooth® antenna. The ear hooks provide a comfortable, secure fit, as do the interchangeable rubber tips.

Find Your Fit
Knowing other people around you have the same goals can help keep you motivated. These apps help you connect with like-minded active people from your Smartphone or fitness tracker.

Garmin Connect
If you have a Garmin smart device, this app for iOS and Android will fuel your inspiration and perspiration. The community features millions of users and lets you join like-minded training groups.

Charity Miles
This app donates money to charitable organizations on your behalf based on how far you run – like a pledge drive for the digital age. You can feel even better about your workout when you’re connected and giving back. Charity Miles is available for Android and iOS.

Bonus: Achievement
If you use any smartphone fitness tracker apps that record workouts or nutrition, Achievement (available for iOS and Android) tallies up points for all your healthy lifestyle activities, which you can exchange for cash rewards. Getting healthy is fulfilling already, so this just sweetens the deal.