Considering Switching Carriers? Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Make the Right Decision

When we depend on our cell phones and devices daily, we expect all things to run smoothly. However, sometimes we pick providers or contracts that are just not cutting it – and getting out of the plan is close to impossible. For families, there might be a monthly fight over who used up all the data offered on the plan. For individual contracts, one might have trouble with sending or receiving messages. With so many different providers and plans to choose from, the switch can be so easy, but the decision is difficult. Before making the switch, here are some ways that can help determine what plan is best for you.

Find a Prepaid Plan

A prepaid cell phone plan offers a lot of freedom to its users. With lower cost and more flexibility, a prepaid plan lets you pay as you go. This type of plan allows individuals to pay monthly for unlimited talk and text, along with a specified amount of gigabytes for data. As a mimic to traditional plans, prepaid plans allow splitting costs with family or friends. As a bonus, these plans do not do credit checks nor do they come along with contracts.

Go with an Individual Line Plan

Party of one? Individual line plans can help provide the best cell phone plan to those living on their own. These types of plans cater to a single line and typically can be offered through various options depending on your budget and device needs. Most individual plans guarantee unlimited talk and text, along with gigabytes for data. Depending on your budget and how much data you need, an individual line plan can be a beneficial provider for those traveling or living on their own.

Get More for Less with Shared Data Plans

Ideal for families and roommates, shared data plans act as a monthly pool of data suitable for all members. Instead of buying an individual data plan for Mom, Dad and the kids, a shared data plan grants the access of choosing the amount that is right for you. With contract and monthly payment options, the shared data plan puts you in charge of what will best benefit you and your needs. If you have more devices, you can choose a higher gigabyte plan to avoid overcharges. For a smaller family, choosing a smaller gigabyte shared plan will not go to waste.

The world of cell phone plans and contracts is a dizzying process. Comparing rates, features, price, carrier and data are all important aspects when choosing a provider’s plan. Whether you are holding to a budget or just looking to switch to the best plan for your family, there are providers that suit each customer’s needs.


Cian Laurence, a Brooklyn-based writer hailing from Dublin, has a passion for technology & apps and uses free Wi-Fi whenever it’s available.