Don’t Break the Bank this Holiday Season with the Help of these Budgeting Apps

It’s the most wonderful time — and one of the most expensive — of the year. It’s projected that Americans will spend over $600 billion on the holiday season. To make sure you don’t go all bah humbug and break the bank, check out these handy apps that will help you stay on budget this season.

Santa’s Bag, a free app for iOS allows you to set a spending limit, store shopping lists and monitor whether you’re exceeding your budget. You can enter information such as what stores you’ll need to visit and how much an item costs. Each step is carefully designed to make sure you don’t forget anyone or anything.

Christmas List Snowball, a free app for Android, helps you manage your holiday shopping budgets with a variety of breakdowns. Look at your overall budget and what you’ve spent so far. See who you blew the budget for. Also check in to see who is getting the most expensive gift and who you haven’t shopped for yet. You can check off who you bought for and keep track of everyone easily.

Mint comes from Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint Bills, and Quicken. The free app for iOS and Android helps you spend smarter and save more. Easily pull all your accounts, cards and investments into one place so you can track your spending, create a budget, receive bill reminders, and get customized tips for reducing fees and saving money.

Dollarbird is the smart calendar app for your finances. It’s not just an expense tracker, it’s your all-round perspective on where you stand now and where you’ll be standing in the future, financially. With this free app for iOS and Android, tracking and forecasting your money is as easy as adding events to a calendar! The simple calendar-based interface makes managing your money easier than ever. If you can use a calendar, you can use Dollarbird. The app helps you track what you spend your money on, make a plan and project how much money you’ll have in the future and gives you reminders for monthly bills.

These apps will help you get through the holiday season and even into the new year. With your budget at your fingertips it’s easier than ever to track your spending and set yourself up for financial success for many seasons to come.