Enhanced Calling Features: VoLTE Transforming the Way We Communicate

Technology has changed many things about how we interact and use our phones. Yet somehow a simple phone call has sounded nearly the same for over 100 years.

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is here to change that. By moving voice calls from a traditional 2G/3G cellular network to the faster 4G LTE network, carriers like U.S. Cellular have improved the sound quality of voice calls to be much more life-like and high quality through Enhanced Calling Features. What does this mean for you when you make a call?

Enhanced Calling Features Include:

  • HD Voice capability
  • Video calling for Androids
  • The ability to simultaneously access data while talking

Better Sound Quality with HD Calling

First and foremost, HD Calling offers dramatically improved sound quality. The system can send and receive a much broader range of sound and capture it in more detail, allowing you to hear a person’s voice with crystal clarity. The sound will be less muffled as you’ll hear more highs and lows, less background noise and more clarity overall.

It’s a similar technology to the way voices sound on a good Skype or FaceTime call. The difference is that it has been integrated into the regular voice calling system on your Smartphone, giving you a higher quality of audio for calls with just a phone number.

Simultaneous Voice and Data

Another perk to these Enhanced Calling features is the ability to use the Internet, apps and downloads all while talking. This adds up to convenience and saved time with the ability to access information during a conversation. Whether you are on a business conference call and need to access a report in your inbox or want to check movie listings while chatting with your friends, conversations needn’t be interrupted so you can access apps, email and more.

Video Calling for Androids

With Enhanced Calling, making video calls is now just as simple as making a regular phone call. Video calling combines the high-quality sound of HD calling and real-time video. With this new feature, there is no need to download an app or set up an account to make video calls to your contacts.

Benefits to Using Enhanced Calling:

  • Faster call connection times
  • Improved battery life
  • No additional cost to your cell phone plan

With technology continuously advancing, you can count on these Enhanced Calling features to be the first of many to come from U.S. Cellular. Keep an eye out for new features that will further enhance your communication experiences.