Essential Smartphone Gear on the Go

Smartgear On The Go

What kind of mobile maven are you? Whether you’re a student headed to class or a road warrior business traveler, here are the four essential things each type of person needs in their pocket or travel bag.

For the Commuter

You head to the office every day for the 9 to 5 grind. You get a double dose of traffic jams, bus trips, and train rides every weekday, leaving you with some down time to kill. Put these in your arsenal:

For the Stay at Home Parent

You get more done between school pickups than most accomplish in a week. You use your phone for all sorts of different things, whether that’s snapping memories, finding the closest park, or just entertaining certain somebodies for a few minutes.

    • Hard Phone Case: Protect your smartphone from drops and tug of wars.
    • Screen Protector: No more smudgy fingerprints or cracked screens.
    • Cell Phone Memory: Get more space for photos, apps, and all the memories you’re building.
    • Shared Data Plan: Save some money every month and bring your family’s mobile usage under one roof.

For the Business Traveler

You’re always on the road closing the deal or making your clients happy. Your phone is your lifeline, helping you stay connected to the office and your loved ones. If your phone fails you, you’re dead in the water.

      • Extra Chargers: Always be ready to grab a charge no matter where you are.
      • Backup Battery: If you’re stuck without an outlet, you can double your battery life.
      • Premium Smartphone: Make sure your phone can handle all the latest apps and do the hard work you need it to.
      • Wearables: Augment your on-the-go lifestyle with a smart watch or wristband that gives you at a glance access to emails, texts, calendar reminders, and notifications.

For the Student

You navigate between your apartment, classrooms, the student union, cafeteria, and the social scene. You don’t want to miss out on anything if you can help it.

      • Backup Battery: Ivy covered walls don’t always mean lots of outlets, so double your battery life to be safe.
      • USB Charger: Charge your smartphone from your laptop while you take notes and charge your brain.
      • Headphones: Bring your favorite music and podcasts with you as you travel around campus.
      • Prepaid Plans: Save some cash and only pay for what you need with a no-contract prepaid plan.

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