Family Nesting; It’s a Thing

In partnership with U.S. Cellular, I am particularly happy on this gloomy day to share some smart ways to melt away the winter blues. The hygee movement has been all the rage lately. And why not? The Danish idea of snuggling in with family and friends and celebrating the simple pleasures of being together sounds perfectly delightful when faced with the alternative of dragging your set to crowded and loud indoor entertainment centers.

Sure, we could be out there enjoying the winter weather. But let’s get real; we live in Missouri. There are no picturesque winter hikes here. No ice skating and skiing. The closest we get is some sledding when it snows. Otherwise, it’s all bleak flat walks where you search desperately for signs of Spring.

I will take forts and hot chocolate and board games, thank you very much! To drag the girls away from the screens, we actually (wait for it) involve screens. But instead of holing up separately and doing our own thing, we have been getting them involved in apps that we can all use as a family. Brain stimulating apps keep them engaged and great food drink apps get us all off of our bums and in the kitchen.


There are various ways you can get the most out of your device when you are stuck inside because of a bad winter storm. One of our favorites is games! A recent U.S. Cellular survey indicated that 61 percent of smartphone owners use their device to play games so your kids are probably already used to gaming on your phone. But we love to use the iPad Air to play classic board games, such as Monopoly, The Game of Life and Yahtzee (apps available on Google Play and iTunes.)

When it starts to get a little too competitive we switch to top trivia apps, such as Guess the Song, QuizUp, and Trivia Crack and play as a family. It keep us entertained and our brains engaged. The girls also love to watch us try to build our skills with brain exerciser apps like Elevate and Fit Brains Trainer. These apps are designed to improve focus, memory, processing speed and speaking skills. And to amuse your kids when you fail.

Of course all that thinking leads to brain food needs! Snow days are perfect times to try something new with apps like Chinese Recipes and Italian Recipes. While your food is cooking warm up with a drink from the Tea Making Recipes app. Then load up the Make a Snowman or Snowman Maker Plus app to make you feel like you are outside in the snow, even if you are really in front of a roaring fire (best of both worlds amirite?!)

Whether you want to learn something new or be entertained, the right apps and our high-quality network that works when and where you need it will help you stay connected on a cold and snowy day. I love the U.S. Cellular because I know it will keep us connected when we need it and provide the streaming power for seamless play. One caveat: before you break out the screens, make sure your have your parent/child agreement on screen time in place. Once the boundaries are set, the fun can begin!

Kate Canterbury is a U.S Cellular customer and also a member of the Blogger Brigade program sponsored by U.S. Cellular. The opinions and thoughts expressed in this article are solely his/her own.