Freshen Up Your Home for the Fall Season

Tis the season for a tech savvy autumn home makeover. Whether it be a few new pieces to spruce up your living room or time for an entire bedroom revamping, use these helpful apps for inspiration and the best deals.

Snap a picture of your friend’s comfy couch and the LikeThat Decor app will explore and find out where you can make the comfiest purchase — it’s that simple! Popular home stores are at your fingertips with this free app designed to make furniture shopping incredibly easy. Features allow you to see designers’ top picks and their furniture pairing professional choices. The LikeThat Decor app can help you save your precious time and money while decorating this fall.

Get inspired and creative with the renovation and redecoration free Houzz app. Skip home magazine browsing and check out over ten million high-resolution photos of differently styled homes for you to save and shop from. With Houzz making your home picture perfect is a snap with help from architects, contractors and designers. Special features like Sketch allow you to draw and comment on photos for personal design input. View in My Room also enables you to use your phone or tablet camera to see how a product would look in your home. Houzz is your go-to fall redesign app.

Find the perfect beach sunset shade of orange with the ColorSnap Visualizer app. Match colors from any photo with Sherman-Williams paint colors for the perfect ambiance. The ColorSnap Visualizer has features that let you virtually paint rooms of your home to test their colors and also find visually appealing coordinating colors. By using a predictive paint app you can avoid the messy stage of testing swatches on your wall and go straight to perfectly painted.

The Pinterest app is the place for all of your seasonal DIY decor hacks. Autumnal inspiration is just a few swipes away with this extensive database for saving and sharing. Find decoration instructions and innovative ideas to give your home the appearance you could only imagine. Pinterest allows you to scroll and search to find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter how big the decoration project.

With these apps downloaded fall home decor is a swipe away from being the envy of your neighbors. Get into the season and get started on your home hacks and makeovers!

Heidi Raker, mother of three tech-obsessed teens, has written about lifestyle products and parenting for over 30 years. She has a no-cellphone-at-meals policy, which remains one of her biggest family challenges.