Get Cash for Your Old Devices with U.S. Cellular

A study by research company OnePoll found that Americans are hoarding about $34 billion worth of used cellphones. Are you one of them? There’s no need to be a hoarder when you can get smart and cash in your smartphone with U.S. Cellular’s Trade-In program. Whether you have old devices collecting dust in a drawer or are getting ready to upgrade, don’t discount the value of your old devices. The money you can make trading in or selling a phone or gadget can help lower the price of a new one or put an extra bit of cash in your pocket.

How it works

U.S. Cellular’s Trade-In program is quick, easy and rewarding. Simply drop into your local branch with your unwanted smartphone or device and receive up to $300 back. You will receive an onsite appraisal of the estimated worth U.S. Cellular feels your gadget is worth. This quote you receive is good for seven days from the official appraisal date. Unsure where your local trade-in branch is? Check out the U.S. Cellular Store Finder to see your most convenient location.

If you do not have time to go to a store and speak to a representative don’t worry, you can also value your gadget online on the U.S. Cellular website, print the online mailing label and send your smartphone away. The agreed value for your phone will be sent via check in the following two-four weeks. So relax, put your feet up and wait for the newfound cash to come to you.


Who doesn’t like a discount? With the impending release of the new iPhone 7 and Samsung GS7, many of us can’t wait to get our hands on the latest these gizmos have to offer. However, both phones can be expensive, with base prices starting at $600. With U.S. Cellular, you can trade in your current and old devices and upgrade to the new gadget you are looking for. You will receive their calculated value taken off the retail price. There is no limit to how many devices or phones you can trade in per transaction, so make the most of your old gadgets and put them towards that new piece of tech you are craving.

No need to worry if your old phone is cracked or damaged; they still may be worth money. You do not need the chargers to trade-in your device, however it does add extra cash to your pay out.


For the rare occasion that your smartphone or device is estimated at $0 by U.S. Cellular, you can still donate the old device to be used for parts. Donating old devices helps clear up space in your home and also helps the environment by enabling reuse of your unwanted gizmo for parts and materials toward other purposes.

U.S. Cellular’s Trade-In program helps earn and save money towards the latest in technology, while helping make the earth a greener place. This rewarding system is open to anyone and everyone regardless of their cell phone carrier. Always remember to delete all personal information, photos, videos and passwords from your old device before you cash it in.

Cian Laurence, a Brooklyn-based writer hailing from Dublin, has a passion for technology & apps and uses free Wi-Fi whenever it’s available.