Go Weatherproof with Protective Phone Cases and More

Spending time outdoors is a great way to exercise and take a break from everyday life. But if you plan on bringing your phone to capture the scenery, it’s important to keep it protected from rain, snow, dust and extreme temperatures. Here are some top weatherproof phones and protective phone cases for the outdoor enthusiast:

1. Off the beaten path
If you’re looking for a case as rugged as the terrain you’re traversing, the Under Armour Arsenal Case for iPhone 8 offers a slick design with powerful protection. This protective phone case features a flexible tension cord, so you can wrap up earbuds, your ID and your house key all in one place. With your essentials safely stowed, you can focus on the climb ahead.

2. On the slopes
Love to ski or snowboard? Make sure your phone is protected through every lift, jump and slalom. The LifeProof Fre Case, which is available for a variety of Smartphones, will keep your phone safe from drops, water and – most importantly – snow. Shred that fresh powder worry-free.

3. In the dirt
If you spend time outdoors, you’re going to get your hands dirty. Your phone, too. The waterproof Otterbox Defender is designed to keep your iPhone clean and dry. The built in screen protector defends against mud and dirt, while the triple layer construction helps protect against bumps and bruises. For Samsung owners, the Trident Kraken Case packs a ton of protective features into its slim design – dust and moisture filters, internal padding and a removable outer shell – and includes a belt clip holster to keep your phone at the ready.

4. All of the above
If a case isn’t enough, how about your phone itself? The Kyocera Duraforce is built to military standards to withstand just about anything you throw at it. Thirty minutes of water immersion? Check. Dust, shock and vibration? Check. Extreme heat or cold? Check. Its touch screen even works wet, or when you’re wearing gloves. This phone is in it for the long haul.
No matter the type of outdoor action you love, U.S. Cellular® has the devices and accessories to fit your active lifestyle.
Bonus: Even with the best protective accessories, accidents happen. Get total peace of mind with Device Protection+. It offers device replacement in the event of spills, drops, cracked screens or loss, plus secure backup and tech support.