Helpful Apps for New Moms

With sleepless nights, and long days of caring for your baby, parenting is one of the most tiring yet rewarding roles a person can have. With over 3.9 million babies born in the U.S. per year, many of those are to first-time parents. It is difficult to prepare mentally and physically for the rigors and demands of new parenting. So here are some helpful apps to get acclimated to your new life of parenthood:

Eat Sleep 

Eat Sleep helps you keep track of your baby’s ever-changing daily habits and evolving schedule. This app allows you to enter events (such as eating, sleeping and diaper changes) in real-time into a daily journal. You can also include notes. You are also able to view daily, weekly or monthly totals and as you continue to use the app, it will display trends in everything parents focus on like feeding, sleeping and night-time waking.

WebMD Baby 

One of a parent’s biggest nightmares is having a sick child and not being able to help. With over 1.7 million downloads from parents, WebMD Baby serves as a pocket-sized pediatrician. This app contains medically-approved content in areas such as toddler care, vaccines, illness and emergencies and parenting tips. It also allows you to track either solo or with a collaborator your baby’s diaper changes, sleep, growth and breastfeeding sessions.

White Noise Baby 

With White Noise Baby’s relaxing sounds and tunes, helping your baby relax and calm down just got easier. This app includes HD ambient sounds and ten classical music tracks that loop seamlessly to help calm your baby. The app will even detect if your baby starts crying and will then start playing one of its pre-programmed sounds. It can even log the baby’s crying patterns to help you learn more about their sleeping cycle.


A definite must-have for parents! As your young child continues to develop their cognitive skills and imagination, you’ll notice many small milestones being reached. So how can you keep track of this? Tinybeans allows you to create your own baby journal where you can connect with those close to you to track your child’s development and upload and share photos, videos and notes. This app also serves as a community where many young parents connect around the world and share their tips and experiences of parenthood.

Parenting can be a challenge for many new moms and dads, but have no fear as these app will help make your transition into parenthood easier and stress free.


Milvian Prieto, a New Jersey-based writer, is on a quest to find the best apps that benefit 20-somethings and young families. She loves learning about technology and the way it impacts our lives.