Stay in Touch When You’re Traveling Abroad

Stay in Touch When You’re Traveling Abroad

There’s no substitute for being face to face with the ones you love. Even the best device can’t beat that.

But what happens if you can’t be together because you’re in a different country? Whether you’re on vacation, taking a cruise or moving abroad, there are lots of ways to make sure you never lose contact with home.

Figure Out What You Need to Stay Connected

Before you pack your passport, you should think about how you want to stay in touch back home.

In the U.S., you can call, text, and hop on the internet. But abroad, you might not need all those things.

International calling plans can allow you to use any combination of calling, texting, or data usage. If you’re planning on calling once or twice on a long vacation, or just want to be able to reach home in an emergency, you don’t need a data or text messaging plan. But if you want to share the great photos or videos with everyone back home, you might want to opt for an international plan that looks more like your regular smartphone plan.

Narrow in on Your Country

Next, figure out what plan you need based on where you’re going. Most people know ahead of time where they’ll end up, so this part is easy.

U.S. Cellular offers international calling plans that include Canada, Mexico, over 200 other countries by themselves or in combination, so it’s easy to only pay for the kind of coverage that you need.

You should also do a little research into the infrastructure of the country you’re visiting. If where you’re traveling doesn’t have cell phone coverage or Wi-Fi, even with a international data or calling plan you won’t be able to use your device.

How Much International Talk, data or Text Do You Need?

Once you know what kind of coverage you need and where you’ll be using it, think about how data you’ll use or calls you’ll make. You can often pay by the minute, or on an unlimited basis for reduced prices.

U.S. Cellular has lots of options for international calls, whether you plan on calling a little, or calling a lot. No matter what you need, you’ll be able to stay connected.

Know How to Call and Text Internationally

Even though U.S. Cellular makes it easy, there are still a few extra steps you need to take before you make your first international call or text.

Make sure you know the country code where you’re visiting and the one you’re calling back to. Keep those instructions in a safe place on both your phone and your important documents, just in case.

In most cases, anyone who needs to get a hold of you will simply need to dial or text your regular number. But if you have special instructions, send those along before you leave the country.

You might also consider installing an app like U.S. Cellular’s Inter Connect Global app, which helps you connect more easily when you’re traveling in international countries.

Now that you’re ready to travel, go to U.S. Cellular and learn more about all the international phone and device options for sale.