What to Include in Your Kid’s First Cell Phone Survival Kit

It’s a milestone by today’s family tech measures: you are planning to get your child’s first Smartphone. Owning a cell phone comes with a great deal of responsibility for your kid, but it’s important that you provide him or her with the tools they need to succeed. This guide helps you to identify the accessories they need by their personalities and interests.

For Kids with Lots of Extracurricular Activities

For the on-the-go kid who is busy with sports activities, afterschool lessons or socializing, it is important to always be able to be in touch with them. These kids are more likely to require an extended battery life and more protection for their new device. For parents, it is important to have peace of mind that your child’s phone won’t run out of juice, leaving them with no way to reach you or you them. Prepare ahead of time with these accessories:

  • A charging case that does double duty, Mophie Juice Pack Air, will ensure that your child’s phone is protected plus stays charged up from school to practice or to their friend’s house.
  • For even more battery life and portability, an external battery pack may be the perfect option for the kid who is always on the go.
  • A protective, rugged case like an Otterbox will keep a new device protected from the wear and tear of the life of a kid.

For Music Lovers

If your child has an ear for music or just enjoys the latest Justin Bieber, thinking about an upgrade from the standard headphones to provide the perfect sound experience. Your young music lover would likely enjoy and benefit from these accessories when they get their first phone:

For Gamers and Streamers

Does your child love to play parent-approved video games and watch kid-friendly shows on Netflix? Consider these accessories:

  • The Sanho HyperVR, is an affordable, high quality VR headset that is compatible with Androids and iOS devices
  • While gaming, your child will want to be cord free. The Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones are the perfect option for all their gaming and streaming needs
  • A Ballistic Tough Jacket protects smartphones during extended play and watch times.

Must Have Smartphone Protector Package

For safety’s sake, consider these accessories to protect your child’s new cell phone:

  • Protective cases like an OtterBox, Ballistic or LifeProof case to protect their phones from any drops, spills or accidental damage that may occur.
  • A screen protector, particularly a glass one, is important to add extra protection to avoid a cracked screen which can otherwise be costly to fix.
  • Give yourself some peace of mind by planning ahead and adding a protection plan to your child’s new device. U.S. Cellular, for example, offers Device Protection+ to protect Smartphones and Tablets from loss and theft, accidents, and software malfunctions.

Help your child’s first-time cell phone ownership experience be a positive one with the assistance of these top mobile accessories.