Lost Your Phone? Find It, Track It & Keep Your Info Safe

When you lose your phone, there are a few immediate steps you should take. Luckily many of these features are built in, but a good protection plan will have all these in one place for ease of use and extra peace of mind.

  1. Lock Your Phone

You can lock your smartphone from another phone, tablet or computer by logging into your account. Either directly from your provider or through your protection plan. This may even include changing the passcode.

Tip: When setting a new phone passcode, remember: longer is better. And stay away from birth dates, repeating numbers and other easily crackable patterns.

  1. Locate Your Phone with GPS

You may also access the “Find” function to see your phone’s location on a map through the same portal used to lock it. If there are issues, contact your wireless provider for assistance finding your lost phone.

Remember: For a location function to work, the device itself must still be powered on.

  1. Send an Alert

If the locate function reveals you’re physically near your phone but you still don’t see it, send a device alert. This causes the device to make a unique sound or flash a light to identify its location, even when the phone is on silent or vibrate. It’s the perfect lifeline for a missing phone.

Tip: Sending an alert comes in especially handy if your phone was simply misplaced in a taxi, a restaurant or other public location.

  1. Erase Your Phone

Being able to wipe your device remotely will eliminate all doubts about the security of the information it contains. Even if someone does manage to get into your device, they won’t be able to access your private information.

Tip: Make sure to back up your phone regularly so you don’t lose important information. Many phones and protection plans offer secure, automated remote phone backups.

  1. Submit a Claim

Once you realize that your phone is gone for good, your protection plan really goes to work. Submitting a claim for a replacement device is straightforward: contact your plan provider and receive a replacement device as soon as next business day delivery, once your claim is approved.

Having device coverage keeps an unfortunate event from snowballing into a drawn-out problem.

Tip: Review your protection plan – many have a backup option to keep your photos, videos, music, and contacts from getting lost, even if your phone does.

  1. Be Prepared

Accidents and theft happen. Get peace of mind with a solid protection plan like U.S. Cellular® Device Protection+, which offers these services and more all in the same place.