Staying Connected: Gifts for Mom That Keep on Giving

Not flowers. Not brunch. Not even spa certificates. When mom says the best gift you could ever give her is to stay in touch, she absolutely means it. The little things—a text here, a call there, a shared #TBT pic of her straightening your bowtie before prom—go much further.

Here are a few easy gadget gifts for mom (whether she’s tech savvy or tech…let’s say challenged) to help you connect on Mother’s Day and stay in closer touch for the year to come.

First, a Reminder: CALL MOM! (The New App)

We all get busy. Thus, we could all use a “call mom” reminder, especially from someone other than mom herself. Here it is.

  • Call Mom: One of the most popular apps right now, Call Mom lets you set reminders to, well, call your mom. Then when they pop up, you can give her a call with a single click.

Get Her When Shes On-the-Go

Is your mom an avid walker or jogger? We have a few simple mobile accessories that will let her listen to music, then pause it to have a conversation with you without breaking stride.

  • Yurbuds ErgoSport Universal Armband: This adjustable armband is made with soft, sweat-proof neoprene. Best of all, it’s safe: the RadiantReflect™ technology will give your mom the highest visibility.

Or if she spends a lot of time commuting to and from work—or celebrating her retirement taking trips in the car—make it easy (and safe) for her to pass the time talking to you or to her close friends on the phone.

  • Motorola Sonic Rider Car Kit: With hands-free mode and voice prompts, this wireless device makes it easy to stay connected with mom while she’s on the road.

Share Moments As They Happen

When it comes to FOMO (the fear of missing out), moms are its original victims.  Don’t let yours miss out on a thing, no matter how far away you live! Help her decide on one of several group photo sharing apps—Instagram, Shutterfly or Flickr, for example—and create a few groups for her that include you and her other loved ones.

Take time every few days to share pics with mom of what you’re up to, of your kids or pets, or even what you made for dinner. (TIP: Make sure she sees that your plate has veggies on it.)

Create a Deeper Connection with Video

It’s great hearing your voice. For mom, though, seeing your face is even better. Teach her how to use Facebook Messenger, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to have video calls. Plan weekly check-ins, and if you have young kids of your own who like hamming it up for the camera, let them steal the show.

Dont Let the (Long) Distance Come Between You

If there’s one thing that should never get in the way of staying connected with mom from far away, it’s the minutes or data remaining in your international monthly cell phone plan.

Give mom exactly what she wants this Mother’s Day—an easy way to stay more connected, all throughout the year.