Moving Tips – Your Cell Phone Makes Moving Day Easy

Moving Tips – Your Cell Phone Makes Moving Day Easy

There’s nothing more exciting than a change of scenery. But everyone knows moving is the absolute worst. Packing, unpacking, forwarding mail, turning off utilities, turning on utilities: you’re coordinating a million moving parts.

Luckily, the answer to all your moving problems is sitting in your pocket.

Moving HQ – Your Smartphone

Your cell phone is an indispensable tool whether you’re relocating across the country, or just around the block. It’s always with you and, more importantly, puts every resource you need at your fingertips.

Making your phone the “brain” of your moving checklist might sound scary at first – but it’s actually safer and more efficient. Instead of countless scraps of paper and files, everything you need is accessible on your cell phone and any other internet-enabled device.

Give these apps and accessories a try, and you’ll be on your way to moving mastery.

Must-Have Moving Apps

Move Advisor – Free
This easy-to-use mobile app is designed specifically for movers. It’s key features deliver on what matters – keeping you organized.

Moving Timeline – Just put in your move date and it gives you a comprehensive moving checklist that you can customize as much, or as little, as you want. It also predicts what action you need to take at each step, making getting things done a snap.

Home Inventory – A super-simple home inventory feature, with pre-set rooms and drag-and-drop functionality. It’ll also calculate the volume and weight of your shipment and estimates the size rental truck needed.

Movers Around You – Once you’re ready, this app shows you the best local moving companies, along with their customer reviews and performance ratings.

Moving Quote – Get a free and no-obligation moving quote from a licensed and insured moving company so you can compare estimates and find the place that best suits you.

Evernote – Free (Basic)
During your move, you’re going to generate a lot of paper and receipts. Figuring out a filing system is hard enough. Plus, you still have to dig through it if you need something.

Evernote solves that problem with their incredible “Document” capturing feature. Simply snap a photo of your document and the app converts print and handwriting to searchable text. It also keeps everything organized by date and location, plus allows you to layer on your own categorization system if you want. Using this app is as easy as logging in and snapping a photo.

Task Rabbit – Free
This app is for people who aren’t afraid to ask for help. Moving requires lots of different to-dos, big and small. Task Rabbit is a nice alternative for the things you need help with: packing, setting up furniture, cleaning, or even just delivering your favorite takeout.

This app connects you with safe, reliable help near you. Just describe your task, choose a fully vetted and community reviewed “tasker”, and you’re on your way. You do need to pay the people who help you, but that’s all taken care of securely through the app.

Around Me
The best app to help you navigate an unfamiliar place is Around Me. Whether you’re driving in the moving truck or settling into your new apartment, this app quickly helps you discover exactly what you need – gas stations, banks, hotels, hospitals, places to eat and much more.

Best Cell Phone Accessories for Moving

You’re probably going to be spending some time in the moving truck or the car, and these accessories will help you safely and smartly use all the moving apps on your phone.

The great news is these accessories are perfect for everyday mobile use in your car, commute, or road trip.

Get a Hands-Free Device
The number one priority on the road is safety, and a hands-free device helps you call, text, and even send emails in conjunction with iPhone’s Siri or Google’s Voice Commands.

AUX Cord
An alternative to a hands-free device might be an AUX cord. This is a wire that plugs into your cell phone’s headphone jack and into the AUX jack of your vehicle. Any audio coming through your phone will now play over your car speakers, including phone calls and GPS navigation instructions. You can also play music or podcasts, making this a great option for bringing your entertainment with you.

Cell Phone Mount
Smartphones have quickly all but replaced GPS devices. If you’re using your phone for navigation, mounting it on your windshield within view but out of your line of sight is many times safer than holding it in your hand or reaching for your cup holder every few minutes.

Car Charger
GPS Navigation is an amazing thing, but not so amazing for your battery life. If your vehicle has an AC outlet or USB built-in, fantastic – you can use your regular charger. If not, you’ll need to get something that plugs into your car outlet.

Moving Is a Great Time to Switch Cell Phone Plans

While many carriers work nationwide, some cell phone companies give you better coverage in different places. It’s a smart idea to do a few tests with your phone while you’re looking around your new place and neighborhood. Does your phone work where you live, work, and everywhere in between?

You might also be able to save money on your plan or get a new device on top of getting better coverage with a new carrier, like U.S. Cellular. You’ll need to update a few things with your cell phone anyway since you’re moving, so why not shop around and try to get a better cell phone deal?

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