Never Be Without WiFi Again, Prepay and Turn Your Phone into a Hotspot

What do you not appreciate until it is gone? WiFi. The fuel behind your internet, the manpower behind your Netflixing, the quickness that responds to every finger tap and “like”, WiFi is essential. We rely on WiFi so much that when we don’t have access to a network we’re lost. That sinking feeling when notifications like “This page cannot load” and “Check wireless connection” pop up on your screen will no longer haunt you if you take the appropriate measures. Sure hopping around coffee shops can get you spotty WiFi but get high-speed internet connection anywhere you go with a personal hotspot.

Try the ZTE Unite™ III Mobile Hotspot for easy portability with a luxury full color touch screen for easy customization. With contracts starting at $29.99 you’ll never be subject to “No WiFi” notifications again. Give the gift of WiFi and hook up to fifteen of your friends and family’s devices to your ZTE Unite™ III. Go online to set advanced customizations and to adjust security settings. Charge the ZTE Unite™ next to your phone and use the pocket-sized 4G LTE data capability wherever you may roam.

Stay sleek and connected with MiFi M100 for portable WiFi and long-lasting battery. With contracts starting at only one cent this 4G LTE data capability cannot be beat. Use the MiFi mobile app to monitor data use, connect devices, monitor battery life, and gain access to password information and other hotspot features. With LED indicators for battery level and signal strength and advanced security features, MiFi is the portable hotspot you need for secure WiFi.

Stay in sync with a personal hotspot and appreciate the WiFi availability. Never live in a world without YouTube, Facebook, Netflix and Google. Let these personal hotspots save you from the void that is no WiFi — because who could possibly go a day without a funny baby video?

Cian Laurence, a Brooklyn-based writer hailing from Dublin, has a passion for technology & apps and uses free Wi-Fi whenever it’s available.