New School Year, New Phone? Load It with Educational Apps and Learning Games

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Kids today start using Smartphones and Tablets for entertainment and learning at a very early age, quickly passing their parents in tech-savviness as a result. (We’re sorry not sorry.) But that can pay off once they become school age kids, middle schoolers especially—technology for that age group is much more focused on the classroom.

Here are a few back-to-school ideas that will entertain and educate school age kids, and please parents to be raising such tech-savvy and well-rounded students.

Educational Apps & Games

Learning apps are introduced each day that appeal to students (and keep them engaged after the school day ends) by blending education, smart functionality and addictive fun. Here are a few of the most popular apps for middle schoolers, by classroom subject (and some are free):

Math. Quick Math+ presents math problems in a way that helps students develop mental arithmetic. The free Long Division Touch app uses a touch-and-drag interface to make division enjoyable.

Science. The free WWF Together app throws students into the wild, showcasing endangered animal species using interactive features and activities. SimplePhysics is a game that even lets students design simple structures (even their favorites, like a tree house).

Literacy. SpellingCity is a free app that uses engaging games to help students improve their spelling, while Word Dynamo is a top-rated word game app that expands their vocabulary.

Social Studies. Barefoot World Atlas offers an interactive globe that lets students deep-dive into the destination of their choice, from its animal life to its culture.

Smart Technology in the Classroom

Tablets and Smartphones do more than house all those fun aforementioned apps. They’re a key learning vehicle as educational content continues shifting from text book to screen, and they can even help students sharpen important skills. Here’s what we recommend:

Tablets for School

The Samsung Galaxy Tab® E, the LG G Pad F™ 8.0 LTE, and the Apple® iPad® Mini 2 range in features (and widely in price) but each has the size and functionality to be an effective education device. And if you’re worried about your kid taking care of a Tablet from home to school and back, get Device Protection+ (and a simple protective case), to guard the Tablet and give you a little peace of mind.

Smartphones for School

Smartphones are perfect for giving students educational games, apps and tools, and for keeping you connected with them. The newest and most popular Smartphones include the Samsung Galaxy J 3, LG G5 (in pink!) and the affordable ZTE Imperial™ MAX.

Educational apps, Tablets and Smartphones (have a look at our latest offers and deals for those here) can give your student an incredible learning advantage, both inside the classroom and after school.