Passionate About Something? Make An Instagram Fan Page!

Instagram is not just a place to share selfies and double-tap to like your friends’ photos, it’s a platform to create a page for your passion. Whether it’s pizza or make-up, here are a few helpful tips to get you started on creating your own fan page. Instagram accounts are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

1. Choosing the proper Instagram handle for your fan page is crucial. You want your page name to be directly related to your topic, and maybe try a clever play on words. Avoid too much punctuation or excessive numbers in your handle, as it will distract followers from the main point. Here are some examples of some popular accounts: @new_fork_city@hotdudeswithdogs, @kanyedoingthings, @textsfromyourex, @humansofny@njpizzagirls

2. When creating a fan Instagram account you want your focus to be clear. For example, say you want to create an account focused on dogs. Do you want to focus on all dogs? A specific size or  breed? Just puppies? Celebrity dogs? These content-based questions will help you center your fan page focal point. Then when your focus is set, your Instagram bio can be a clear description of what your fan page is all about.

3. Follow EVERYONE. You need the exposure from followers to expand and reach new people that share your passion. Another way to reach new people is hashtags. Use hashtags that relate to your topic and that will draw attention. Hashtags allow your content to be seen when searched on Instagram. For example if you are running a make-up account, tag the colors and brands that you used in your “look” to gain attention from their brand and its fans. Get involved in the fan page community by using hashtags to help link you to other similar accounts to gain information and new followers.

4. Timing and Frequency. When posting a photo, timing is of the essence.  Not many people will see a post from 3AM rather than a post from 3PM. For example if you are passionate about creating a food account, there are prime hours to post. Posting breakfast food in the morning will really get your followers salivating as they start their day. By posting foods frequently at usual meal hours your followers will experience food-envy throughout the day. Posting frequently allows followers to engage and view your fan page constantly, but be sure not to over do it and spam your followers’ feeds. Every fan page is different, so test a few posts at different times and frequencies to see which of your uploads gets more likes and feedback from followers.

Your Instagram fan page is content-based and that is what followers are initially attracted to. Here are a few short tips for the pictures you post.

    1. Post clear quality photos, no one likes to look at a pixelated picture in this day and age.
    2. Don’t over-edit. A picture of pizza does not need three filters and stickers. Pizza is beautiful with #nofilter.
    3. Use Instagram content-specific apps. Instagram has provided new creative apps to help enhance photos. Boomerang is a separate Instagram-produced app that lets you create a looped video that plays back and forth and makes photos come to life. Layout is another app that allows you to create photo collages within Instagram’s parameters.
    4. Captions are key. A clever caption will get you everywhere. A joke or pun will get followers laughing and double tapping. Quotes, descriptions, and stories also make for innovative captions. When posting about your subject try to engage your followers by asking how they feel on the subject, how their days are going, and what they think about your page.
    5. Tagging. You’ll find that many successful fan accounts tag other accounts in their photos or mention them in captions. A style page will often include tagging each brand of clothing, the store it was bought from, and other style accounts to gain recognition. Tagging is Instagram-networking, it is informative to your followers while also gaining acknowledgement.

With Instagram’s new ‘link accounts’ feature and these tips creating a fan account is easier than ever. Whether it be old school wrestling (@classicwrestling) or unfashionably funny dads (@fashiondads) there is an Instagram fan page for every eclectic taste. Check out these successful accounts to help you get started on your Instagram fan page.

@new_fork_city, @thisoldshirt, @70sbabes, @hotdudeswithdogs, @itsdougthepug@miserable_men, @passengershaming, @cats_of_instagram, @kanyedoingthings@textsfromyourex, @humansofny, @njpizzagirls


Cian Laurence, a Brooklyn-based writer hailing from Dublin, has a passion for technology & apps and uses free Wi-Fi whenever it’s available.