Be Prepared for the Unexpected with a Cellular Safety Kit for Your Car

Whether you use your vehicle for daily commuting or weekend camping adventures, an emergency cell phone kit is an essential safety measure. Here are some tips to create your own safety kit.

What Should Go Into Your Kit

Keeping your phone charged and functional can make all the difference in a state of emergency. Cell phone safety kits can be simple, advanced or customized to your lifestyle depending on how often you use your vehicle, how far you are traveling or how important it is for you to stay connected. Think of a cell phone safety kit as a tool that’s as essential as a spare tire.

Basic Safety Survival Kit:

For everyday preparedness, a cell safety kit may simply include:

Advanced Safety Survival Kit:

For long-distance traveling or commuting outside of heavily populated areas, you may want to include everything in the basic kit as well as:

  • A cell signal booster: This device takes your existing signal and can boost it up to 32x its regular strength. The Drive 4G-M Signal Booster is a good option from WeBoost, allowing for multiple simultaneous users, significant extension of your signal range and adding longer battery life on your device- perfect for a family road trip, overnight camping or an extended business trip.
  • A long-lasting external battery pack: This is a portable battery charger – ideal for on-the-go mobile use and a necessity for emergency situations that require cell phone usage. The PureGear Portable Battery is an exceptional choice for reliable, portable charging. It delivers up to three full charges, ensuring you stay charged in case you find yourself with no time to stop for a charge.

Customized Safety Survival Kit:

This is a hybrid of the basic and advanced survival kits and can be tailored to one’s specific lifestyle or age group. What’s more, it’s easy enough to pull together as a quick DIY project or give as a gift to elderly relatives or teen drivers. Easily adaptable for work events that provide minimal access for electrical outlets for charging or Wi-Fi internet access.

  • Customize a mix of the elements from the basic and advanced survival kits tailored for the end user.
  • If your custom safety survival gift recipient is regularly around water, make sure you stow a dozen moisture absorbing silica gels packs in a quart size zipper storage plastic bag. These gel packs are ideal for wicking away moisture quickly should your device get wet.

It’s easy, simple and essential to create a cell phone safety survival kit for travel emergencies, for everyday life situations that can occur on and off the road. Everyone should have a cell phone safety survival kit and these nifty DIY kits will help manage the curveballs that life can throw our way.