When is it Time to Buy a New Smartphone or Laptop?

For a variety of reasons, everyone has been hesitant at one time or another to buy a new smartphone or laptop. We often become attached to our devices that we have had throughout the years. It can be an anxiety-ridden affair to part ways with our phones and laptops after all that time. Don’t know when technology has reached its expiration date? Here are some telltale signs that the technology that we are currently using is way past its prime.

Is it slow?

If your phone is showing signs of glitching and slowing down, then it may be time to trade up for a newer device. The most common signs of phone glitches are apps closing out unexpectedly, Internet issues and decreased responsiveness. Repeatedly clicking on apps and keys that are not responding is one of the biggest signs that you need to get a new phone.

The same applies for laptops. If you are constantly seeing that all too familiar loading color wheel when all you want to do is open a new tab, or close out a window, then your laptop is probably on the decline. If you sense that your devices are close to crashing, be sure to backup your important files and photos on an external hard drive. After a hard drive crashes, it can be expensive, and often impossible to recover every shred of data. There are plenty of hard drives and Flash drives that you can find at your local tech retailer, or online.

Can you update It?

Another way to tell if it is time to upgrade is if your device is no longer being able to update your device. If you are unable to update your phone to the latest operating system, then your device will not be able to get the latest and fastest app upgrades. Lack of updates are a sure sign that it is time to move on.

Does it look broken down and worn?

All of us have dropped our phones at some point. Does your phone have a screen with broken glass that is cutting your fingers when you try to scroll? Does it look as though it has survived nuclear war? These are some of the visual aspects to consider when deciding whether or not to upgrade.

The most foolproof way to see if your device needs upgrading

Ask your kids what they think of your phone, and whether you should get a new one. If they respond immediately and tell you that you need to finally upgrade to a new phone, then they are probably right. Young people are the best tech advisors because they are usually always up on what is new and exciting in the world of smartphones, laptops and technology.

Once you take the plunge and decide to buy a new smartphone or laptop, you’ll realize that letting go of your old device is easier than you thought. You will be pleased to find hidden upgrades and benefits in your new purchase that will increase your day-to-day productivity, make life easier and impress your kids at the same time.


Heidi Raker, mother of three tech-obsessed teens, has written about lifestyle products and parenting for over 30 years. She has a no-cellphone-at-meals policy, which remains one of her biggest family challenges.