6 Tech Essentials Needed for the College Bound Freshman

Most young Americans will go to college, yet studies show that less than two-thirds will graduate, and nearly one-third will drop out after their first year.

To equip your freshman college-bound children for the challenges ahead, you want to make sure they have everything they need—including the right technology.

Take a Tablet

A quality tablet can be one of the most useful tools for a college freshman, serving as everything from a laptop replacement to entertainment system to textbook library. Plus, when you want to stay in touch with your teen, tablets offer a great quality video chat with their larger screens.

Lock Up Laptops

If your teen is using a laptop, help them keep their computer safe with a laptop lock.

Laptop locks are inexpensive and secure methods of preventing your laptop from being stolen, especially if your teen ever leaves it unattended in a public space, such as a library or coffee shop.

Digital Notebook

Make note taking high-tech with notebooks and pens that are customized to work with mobile apps like the Evernote LiveScribe pen or Moleskine notebook. An iPad Pro 12.9-Inch is also another great option for digital note taking as you can write and take notes with an Apple Pencil.

These handy tools allow students to take notes using pen and paper and then use the Evernote app for iOS or Android to translate them into digital text. Not only will this help reduce the amount of paper used at college, students will never have to worry about lost papers and notes again.

Protective Cases and Chargers

Make sure your teen has a quality protective case, enough charging cables or even a charging case or external battery to get them through long days and weeks on campus. Your freshman will always be on the go—get them an M-Edge Tech Pack charging backpack so they can make sure their devices stay charged from class to the library.

Flash Drives and Hard Drives

No matter what your child’s major or area of study, computers will be in the classroom. And when you are working with multiple computers, networks, teachers and more, it’s handy to have portable backups.

Flash drives for smaller files are more affordable than ever, and for those larger files, portable hard drives can be a real lifesaver for moving and backing up schoolwork.

Bluetooth Audio

Life in a noisy dorm can be challenging. Invest in a good pair of wireless headphones and your teen can stay focused, block out distractions and enjoy their favorite music, podcasts or even recorded lectures wherever they go.

With these pieces of hot tech hardware, your teen will on the way to college success.