Celebrate Valentine’s Day Digitally to Make All Your Loved Ones Feel Loved

Keeping in touch with family and loved ones is essential and especially so on Valentine’s Day. While your communication needs may range from sending cute bitmojis to your eight-year-old niece to a personal phone call made to your great aunt in another time zone, connecting need not be difficult or costly. Before you fret that you won’t be able to connect with everyone on your love list, consider these smart options:

List Building Creates Clarity

Whether your inner circle encompasses a handful or is vast, keeping in touch is key to maintaining relationships. Start by building a list of segmented priority loved ones in order of time spent with and how you are connected. Include all contact information and update this list each year. Your list will define who is best kept in touch with by phone call, electronic greeting card, video chat, texting or other modes of communication.

A Phone Conversation Often Means the Most            

A recent study shows that a phone call, even a short one, outweighs other modes of communication in terms of fostering closeness. Voice calls, and even more so video chats, allow us to deeply connect with the recipient and hear their tone of voice, inflections and facial expressions. Check your personal plan to make sure it’s ideal for you and explore a custom or new plan if it’s not meeting your needs.

Group eblasts to Share a Universal Message

When time is limited and you are looking to reach several people at once with a photo and personal update, an eblast may fit the bill. Image importable programs like Paperless Post or even Mailchimp are useful. Many are free, have easy to use apps and allow creative expression in sending messages to under a set number of users before fees are required.

Video Chatting Across the Miles

While grandparents are increasingly using programs like Skype and FaceTime to connect with grandchildren near and far, having the best accessories makes these conversations even better. Consider JLab earphones to bring that sweet voice closer in your next video call.

Sharing the Love Via Group Messaging

Consider the fact that communication preferences differ greatly by age. One study says that for the under 50 crowd, texting is far and away the most popular communication mode. Friends can communicate at little to no cost with apps like Whatsapp, too.

While connecting digitally means you can reach more of your loved ones, nothing takes the place of a phone call and telling someone you love them.