Digital Detox: National Day of Unplugging

Digital Detox: National Day of Unplugging

Could you go 24 hours without your cell phone or computer?

Spending a day “unplugged” can create real challenges. A poll conducted by the University of California found that 61% of respondents couldn’t ignore their device if they saw a text or email notification and 30% of people polled reported that technology makes it harder for them to concentrate.

From sundown to sundown on March 3-4, people around the world will unplug and power down in observance of the 8th annual National Day of Unplugging. The day is designed to help hyper-connected people embrace the ancient ritual of a day of rest. A recent study from Ofcom found that 34% of consumers, ages 16-24, had taken a break from technology in the past year, many of those people will pledge to unplug. Before you put your phone to bed on March 3, you may want to make some plans for your time away from technology.

Connecting With People

The people behind the National Day of Unplugging suggest finding ways to connect with the people on your street, in your neighborhood and your city. Go for a walk in the park, head to a farmer’s market or find a public event in your community. Start a conversation with a stranger or friends and enjoy having uninterrupted time to listen, speak and get to know others.

Uninterrupted Family Time

Even if you see your family members every day, spending some time without the interruption or distraction of technology will change your experience. Read a book to your child or invite them to read to you, taking time to discuss the passage and anticipate what’s ahead. Have dinner with your partner, sibling or parents. Find a way to let the lack of technology improve the quality of your time together.

Enjoy True Alone Time

Even if you’re an introvert, let the lack of distraction complement your time alone. Spend time working on a project, practicing your hobbies, reading a book – whatever helps you relax and recharge. This is your day off – not just from work, but from the outside world.

Let Your Phone Rest

Now, your phone doesn’t really need to rest, but just for fun – if you take the pledge to unplug on March 3, you’ll also get a free “cell phone sleeping bag” to store your phone whenever you’re unplugged. With your phone tucked away, you’ll be available for engaging with others and enjoying social connections which we crave and need for emotional and physical well-being.

Unplugging can be a challenge, but participating in the National Day of Unplugging is a great way to start.