Get the Most out of Camping with These Tech Tips and Tricks

What’s the most important rule of camping? Be prepared. In today’s technology -driven world, that means bringing what you need to stay connected, from outdoor-ready accessories to portable chargers. When you’re camping with the family, these tech tips and camping tricks can turn time in the woods into a relaxing, worry-free getaway.

Pack Up

Prepare for your trip in advance by making a detailed packing list. Don’t forget to test all your camping equipment, especially your tech, before packing it. If you’re using a navigation app to get to your campsite or a hiking trail, screenshot the route on your device to save the map before you get there.

Keep your phone safe in the wilderness with a rugged, durable case, like the OtterBox Defender or LifeProof Fre  — or bring a phone that doesn’t need a case to resist the elements, like the ultra-tough Kyocera DuraForce.

You may also want to bring a portable outdoor speaker, like the EcoxGear ECOXSTONE Rugged Bluetooth Speaker, to liven up a night around the campfire. Just be mindful of other campers.

Stay Connected

Camping is all about appreciating the natural world, but you still want to stay connected to your world while in the great outdoors.

First, stay charged. The M-Edge Tech Pack fits almost any device and charges on the go. The pack has lots of extra storage, ideal for hiking or long trips. Or throw the ultra-portable PureGear battery into your duffel bag. Consider bringing a wireless hotspot, like the Novatel MiFi.

If you’re worried about your home while you’re away, there’s remote video monitoring. Once a luxury, home security is easier than ever with user-friendly products like the Nest Cam and Ring Video Doorbell. With footage of your home sent directly to your phone, you can rest easy under the stars.

Keep Junior Campers Happy

Get the kids excited about nature with the MyNature Animal Tracks app, which they can use to identify any pawprints around the campsite. Wow them with your astronomy expertise by using a stargazing app to point out all the constellations.

For more family fun, take everyone on a geocaching adventure during the day (the official geocaching app is available for iOS and Android).

Want more on-the-go gadgets to enhance your outdoor vacation? See the full range of U.S. Cellular accessories.