Home & Mobile Charging Stations: Keep Your Family’s Devices Charged and Secure

Instead of fighting over sharing the phone charger, consider investing in a couple of accessories to make sure everyone in your family can keep their cell phone battery up and running whenever the need arises. From charging stations that can work with multiple phones simultaneously, to car chargers for when you are on the go, keep reading to find out what you need to make sure no one in your household runs out of juice. 

Charging Stations

Why bother plugging in one phone when you can charge three or four at a time? Portable changing stations eliminate the battle over who gets to plug in their device first. The Tylt Energi Desktop Charging Station, for example, boasts four 2.4A USB universal charging ports with a 3,200 mAh removable battery pack. It can sense the charging needs of each device and distributes its power accordingly. It is made for both cell phones and tablets and can charge up to five devices at once, so nobody needs to wait for a turn.

Car Solutions

Long car rides or heavy traffic may eat up your battery if you’re using your phone excessively. Someone in the car may need to charge his or her phone while traveling. A favorite is the Scosche 3-in-1 Power Bank which has a car charger, an emergency LED flashlight and a backup battery charger for cellphones and tablets all in one. The power bank comes pre-charged and ready-to-use. For a more simple model, consider the Random Order’s 2amp micro-USB Car Charger. This item allows you to charge your phone at a rapid pace and enables you to talk on your device while you are charging.

Go Wireless

Avoid having to untangle your phone from a mass of charging wires by choosing a wireless option for you and your family. There are a number of charging stands that are totally wireless, including the Samsung Wireless Charging Stand. This device is designed to allow you to use your phone or tablet while charging and not interfere with any calls you might need to make. If you have a Galaxy phone, this item is even better as it will charge your device at a rapid pace. For Apple users, the Qi Wireless Charger + Receiver kit will allow you to charge your iOS device hands-free.

Keep everyone’s devices powered and avoid fights over plugging in by keeping a couple of these useful options on hand at all times.