Let Tech Help You Plan a New Year’s Eve Bash to Remember

Ringing in 2017 at home? With the help of technology, you can plan a memorable New Year’s Eve party that your friends and family won’t soon forget. Check out these gadgets and apps to help make you the holiday host or hostess with the mostest.

Pump up the volume. No party is complete without some phat beats. Fill your home with stereo sound quality using the JBL Flip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Its 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery offers 10 hours of continuous audio playtime to keep the party pumping all night long. It’s compact and splash proof so you can hide it away from the crowd and won’t have to worry about any spills. Sync up your device, cue up your party playlist and you’re ready to go.

Get down with a drone. Impress your guests with some drone action. Light up the sky with the Parrot Airborne Night Drone. Turn on its adjustable intensity headlamps and move into dark areas with lights blazing. Choose from Flash, Blink, and Light Wave modes to navigate through the air. You can capture this spectacular evening from a unique perspective by taking a photo of all your quests from an aerial view. Indoors or outdoors a photo like that is something your guests will treasure for many years to follow.

Digital party games. No need for game pieces and cumbersome boards taking up valuable party space, turn your device into the life of the party with games like Heads Up ($0.99 on iOS and Android). Each player takes turns holding a cell phone, screen facing out, against his or her forehead, which displays a word. The player guesses the word on the card based on everyone’s clues before they move on and try to go through as many cards as possible before the timer runs out. It’s a perfect party game, and only gets more hilarious as the night goes on. Plus, you can set your Smartphone to record a video of everyone acting out the clues, which you can share on social media for more good laughs even after the party is over.

Celebrate NY Style. If you can’t be in Times Square, bring Times Square to you. Download the Official Times Square Ball App and connect your party to all the action. Watch live streaming of the events in Times Square, and join millions of revelers around the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve LIVE. Have fun with the photo booth and ecard features that also give you the chance to have your own photo shown on the jumbotron screen in Times Square.

Warning: use of these gadgets and apps might impress your party-goers so much that they’ll be expecting you to host a party every year. It’s a risk you’ll have to take.