Must-have Tech Accessories for Your Beach Visit

Whether you’re traveling to a far off coast location or a nearby beach, be prepared to pack more than your sun screen if you want to stay connected and protect your devices. Here are suggestions for your kit.

Stay Charged All Day

The first thing to pack is an external battery, which can offer one or more extra charges for your device, whether in the form of a chargeable case like a Mophie or an extra device altogether. Alternatively, if you’re driving to the beach, a car charger adapter can also provide you with a fully-charged battery too.

Practical Protection

Protecting your device from drops and spills takes on new importance at the beach. Rugged case like the Otterbox or Ballistic are good sturdy options, but also consider the waterproof LifeProof series, which specifically protects against moisture, sand and dust. In any case, also buy a screen protector to guard against scratches and scuffs.

Use Find Trackers

If you want to keep your devices extra safe, whether from accidental misplacement or theft, attach Find Trackers to them so you can easily trace them should they go missing. Use a friend’s Smartphone, Tablet or computer to track their location.

Just for Fun

Enhance your beach experience by bringing along wireless speakers to play your music. For example, the UE Roll 2 Bluetooth Speaker is a portable, rugged speaker that is so waterproof you can bring it into the water with you for up to 30 minutes with its own UE floatie. With one charge you can enjoy up to 10 hours of your favorite music.

Thanks to the latest speakers, adapters and other portable accessories for your devices, having a tech-enhanced day at the beach can be a breeze.