New Grandparent’s Guide to Using Smartphones for Photo Sharing

One of the best things to ever happen to new grandparents is mobile photography. It has never been easier to take, store and share photos of your newest family members, whenever and wherever you want.

Check out this guide to make the most of your phone’s photo taking and sharing abilities.

Tips to Taking Better Photos

Smartphone cameras are constantly improving and the technology does most of the work for you when it comes to taking great photos.

For iOS, click on the ‘Camera’ app and click the red Shutter button to start taking photos. If your photo is blurry, hold your finger on the screen where you want the camera to focus in order to make sure everything turns out properly.

On Android, click on the ‘Camera’ app and start snapping once your subject is in focus. If your image looks blurry, hold your finger on your screen over the area you want to be in focus in the photo, then touch the Shutter icon.

Some basic digital photography tips can help you get the best quality out of your images, such as

Make sure the light is on your subject

Whether it’s sunshine or indoor lighting, it should be in front of your subject rather than behind them for best results.

Make sure your camera settings are on the highest quality

 This will help to avoid taking blurry or unfocused photos:

  • For iPhones, there is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting that blends the best parts of three separate exposures into single photo.
  • For Androids, the control icon in the stock camera app will have options for different picture sizes, allowing you to choose from QVGA (the lowest) to 8M pixels (the highest). Resolution qualities for cameras vary depending on the type of phone.

Use photo editing to improve your photos before sharing

 Most social media apps (like Facebook and Instagram) have built-in editors, or you can get a separate app like Snapseed for iOS or Android or VSCO.

Sharing Your Photos on Social Media

You’ve taken some great photos – now it’s time to share them.

Two of the most popular social networks, Facebook and Instagram, are also two of the best for photo sharing. Find your family and friends on Facebook or follow them on Instagram and start posting. The two platforms are even linked, making it easy to find the same friends and post to both.

For iOS users, there is even a simplified version of Facebook with an easier-to-use interface that will have you sharing and connecting with people in no time.

Brag Book and Photo Journal Apps

If social media isn’t your thing or you want to go the extra mile, there are plenty of apps to help you journal your grandchild’s life in photos or create photo books to share and print.

Apps like Lifecake (iOS/Android) and Tinybeans (iOS/Android) let you track your grandchild’s progress and milestones as they grow, collecting and organizing your photos and allowing you to share them with other family or friends.

There are also a variety of apps to help you collect your photos into albums and lay them out in a photo book. HelloAlbums and Mixbook’s Mosaic, available for iOS, will both let you quickly and easily organize your photos from your device and have a printed photo book delivered straight to your door.

No matter your age, there are lots of tools and apps designed to help grandparents connect and share with their friends and family members.