Spring Break Checklist: Are Your Devices Travel Ready?

Heading off for spring break fun in the Florida sun or an overseas spree? Have you packed enough data and Wi-Fi? Wherever you’re going, make sure your devices are ready with this travel necessities checklist:

  1. Prepare your phone. Check out the World Phone cable Smartphone which make global travel glitches a thing of the past.

2. Go local and purchase a SIM card at your destination airport to ensure you always have service. You won’t have to worry about waiting until you have Wi-Fi to contact the people you love.

3. Get an international long distance cell phone plan that allows for complete flexibility. Whether you’re traveling and want to ring home or connect with your family abroad, there are discounted rates to call over 200 countries.

4. Longing to take an ideal photo of scenery or with your friends? With help of a portable tripod and different lenses, you’re able to capture the moment perfectly.

5. Guard against sand and water damage with the LifeProof Fre Global Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 For iPhone owners, stay protected with an OtterBox Defender Case. Never have to worry about your phone damaging with these cases while on your spring break adventure.

6. Make sure you are prepared for the long days in the sun. Don’t run out of juice by having the Scosche Magnetic Phone Charger MicroUSB on hand, which contains enough energy for two complete Smartphone charges.

7. Many countries have different outlets. Be sure to have the correct power adaptors and converters so you’ll be set when you have to plug in your gadgets.

8. There is usually free Wi-Fi in many public spaces. If you’re ever in a place that doesn’t offer it or are concerned about the safety of the connection, consider the Novatel Wireless MiFi M100 for 4G/LTE connection wherever you go.

9. For peace of mind on and after your travels, consider a Device Protection+ plan, which covers your device from cracks, spills, loss or theft and protects your personal information, too.