Traveling Abroad? Check Out Phone & Data Plans for Smart International Travel

Last year, according to, over 29 million Americans traveled outside the country. A primary concern for them is how to enjoy cell phone service anywhere without adding hefty international data fees and keeping service strong everywhere. A key consideration is understanding your plan’s roaming allowances when you travel beyond your cellular network. Roaming is the process of accessing your data through a foreign cellular network, and can cause your monthly cell phone bill to skyrocket if you aren’t careful.

Many people turn off their data and depend on Wi-Fi while traveling, but this may not always be a convenient option. Luckily, you can avoid the unnecessary costs and headaches associated with roaming by contacting your service provider before you leave to select a phone and data global roaming plan that meets your needs.

Below are a few of the options available to you to help keep data costs low while traveling:

International Long Distance Cell Phone Plans

If you travel a lot for work or often find yourself calling friends, family members, and colleagues from across the globe, then investing in an international cell phone plan may be the best way to save money while connecting with your loved ones.

With discounted rates to over 200 countries and unlimited calls to Mexico landlines included as part of this package you will be able to call anyone anytime, from anywhere using your international phone plan.

Roaming Call Phone Plans

If you’re the kind of person who takes frequent trips and but doesn’t need to invest in a monthly roaming package as part of your cellular plan, then contacting your service provider about a one-time international roaming cell phone plan may be the ideal solution for you.

This affordable option adds phone calls to your bill for as low as 20¢/min, allowing you to make calls to over 200 countries without incurring any additional monthly fees to your plan.

Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico & Canada

If you find yourself frequently talking to family members or friends living in Mexico or Canada, then adding unlimited talk and text to these countries may be the perfect cost-cutting option. This option allows you to text and call any of your colleagues or friends there anytime you need from the U.S.

Whether you’re in the habit of taking a cruise every year, or taking frequent business trips, there are lots of international phone and data options available to you.