6 Ways AI Is Transforming Customer Service

Today, you can access AI (artificial intelligence) customer service for a better, faster and more personalized experience. While AI can sound like it would be less personal, read on to see why it could be your preferred service channel.

AI Chatbot Advantages

As more customer service processes become automated, AI chatbots help cut out unnecessary wait times. Before calling or texting a customer service representative, customers can leverage AI to drive self-service experiences and potentially resolve their issues. Chatbots have many advantages.

  1. AI can answer in real time — chatbots never sleep and will always respond right away. They also are able to handle high volumes of similar requests, making them perfect for dealing with frequently asked questions and financial transactions (like bill payments, data balances, etc). Chatbots don’t replace interactions that need complex solutions, but if you think you might have a common question or need to perform a transaction, try a chatbot first (and skip the hold time).
  2. Chatbots also tend to make fewer errors than their human counterparts. With an infinite memory and learning algorithms that allow them to learn and  adapt over time, chatbots get better at anticipating your needs with each interaction.
  3. Because chatbots can only be asked one question at a time, they don’t provide unnecessary or irrelevant answers. This provides a more efficient customer service pathway with less hassle than traditional customer service methods.
  4. Chatbots are able to provide direct links to tutorials, videos, product pages and more for a highly personalized interaction. With the ability to start conversations and inform the customer about sales and promotions they may not otherwise have been privy to, AI customer support chatbots are helping consumers stay up to date without any additional hassle.
  5. If you prefer to call a customer service number, voice recognition AI can help reduce wasted time as well. Most inquiries can be resolved using self-service by saying key words and commands. Let’s face it: few customer service calls truly require the assistance of a representative. Adapting to new AI-based practices saves time and frustration – it’s easier to get a quick answer from a chatbot and return to your day.
  6. Even for those times when you need a real person, AI customer service can make for a smoother, faster experience by narrowing down your issue and putting you in contact with the right person for faster, more accurate help. With most AI support systems, this means clearly stating the category of your inquiry and letting the AI take you through a checklist of needs until you are immediately put in contact with the right department.

As technology evolves and allows for more self-service functions, customer service improves across the board. U.S. Cellular® is dedicated to customer service, and we’re always evolving to meet the needs of our customers. Learn about how AI is taking over in other areas, like your car only on U.S. Cellular.