Achieve Total Smart Home Control with Your Smartphone

You already have your TV, speakers, thermostat and coffee maker connected to the Internet. Now, streamline your home ecosystem by using your Smartphone to control everything. Say goodbye to individual remotes – with a universal remote already in the palm of your hand, your smart home just got a little smarter.

Use your Smartphone…

…as a TV remote

Your smart TV and Smartphone work on the same Wi-Fi network. That means they can work together to make watching your favorite shows even easier. Download your provider’s app (like the DirecTV, Xfinity or My Spectrum apps, all free for iOS and Android) and enter a second-screen world. Set and manage your DVR from anywhere, use your device to watch shows on the go or go hands-free and use voice command to tell your TV to find the big game, record a show or change the channel.

…as a DJ

Connected speakers that can bump your playlists and double as home control centers are a no-brainer. Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi- enabled speakers let you manage music, lighting and more with voice commands. Use your Smartphone’s voice assistant or touch screen to control smart speakers, even from another room.

And when it comes to choosing the perfect tunes, your Smartphone might be smarter than you think: ask it to play “chill music” or “a party playlist” from your speakers and see what happens.

…as a security camera 

Wireless remote cameras, like the Nest Cam, Belkin Netcam and Ring Video Doorbell stream live footage directly to your Smartphone or connected device, wherever you are. These smart home apps and devices can be programmed to respond to a motion sensor or doorbell and send alerts to your phone, so you know when to check in. If you don’t want to miss a thing while you’re out, they can also record 24/7.

…as a key

 Wouldn’t it be nice to skip that part at the end of the day when you dig around for your keychain to get inside? Attach a smart lock to your deadbolt and voilà – no more lost keys, locksmiths or in-laws marooned on the porch. Unlock the door with your phone, in-person or remotely, and grant keyless entry to yourself, family and guests.

…as an energy saver

 Operate your smart thermostats, sensors and light bulbs without getting off the couch.

Integrate your home climate control and lighting with your device and you can dim the lights for movie night, adjust the thermostat or set daily timers whether you’re at home or on the go. Or sit back and let the smart devices do their thing; they’ll optimize the environment based on outside temperature or whether anyone’s home. And they get smarter over time, adapting to your usage patterns to maximize your comfort and minimize your bill.

…to bring it all together.

Having a lot of smart devices doesn’t mean you have to use a lot of apps to control them. New “hub” products like the Samsung SmartThings Hub into a custom smart home control center for your entire house. And yes, they’re compatible with multiple brands at once.

There’s almost no limit to what you can automate in your home. Find the next piece of your smart home network at U.S. Cellular®.