Back up Your Phone and Keep Contacts and Data Safe

When it comes to the information on your Smartphone, it’s good to have a backup plan. You’ll be glad your information’s protected and retrievable if your device gets left behind in a taxi or suffers water damage while you’re on vacation – not to mention common hazards like theft or plain old wear and tear.

Every mobile operating system has a slightly different backup method. Here are the most popular methods:

Pre-installed Cloud Backup Services

With the majority of phones and operating systems, you can back up to cloud-based software. This means that all of your information can be accessed online if your device is lost or incapacitated.

At a basic level, cloud backup services store your information on a remote server. You can choose to back up manually, or set up an automated backup schedule. This covers everything from e-mails and messages to alarms and app passwords. Most devices include a basic backup service free of charge. If you store many gigabytes of photos, videos and music on your phone, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan to cover everything.

Manual Backups

If you prefer to be selective about what data to save, you can back up your phone manually to your computer, either over Wi-Fi or by utilizing a USB cord. (This goes for all operating systems.) Depending on your device, your computer may recognize it like an external hard drive, allowing you to drag and drop the files you want to back up. Or you may manage manual backups through a special app.

Third-Party Software

If none of these are a fit for your phone or your lifestyle, an additional option is investing in a third-party software. Apps like MyBackup Pro offer automated backing up onto a memory card or remote server. The app backs up everything from alarms and text messages to photos and videos. To activate, simply download the app, set up your preferences and start backing up your phone.

Phone Protection Plan

Real peace of mind comes with the knowledge that your information is protected from theft, accidents and breakdowns. While backing up your data is an essential part of protecting it, device protection helps keep the contents of your phone safe from falling into the wrong hands. Device Protection+ from U.S. Cellular, for instance, is the ultimate phone protection: it includes secure cloud backup and the ability to remote wipe or lock your device to shield your information from prying eyes.